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A peek inside: The transcendent work of Naomi Cornock

Naomi visiting Cornwall. She clearly has great taste in hats.

I first met Naomi and her unrivaled artwork at a local craft fair. I was immediately taken aback by the level of detail and symbology in her pieces and then by her kindness and open attitude. A little over a year later and was born. I knew I wanted to use my voice to share the work of others and Naomi was one of the top of that list.

I Popped over the meet her in her home for a brew and a chat, her house easily recognisable from the charms and artwork surrounding it. Not quite her dream home, she explained, but to me it felt peaceful and inspiring -much like her work, a testament to the energy she gives off me thinks.

One of the many beautiful spaces in Naomi’s garden

When asked to describe herself and what she does, Naomi gave me a wonderful description of ‘witch’ being: a wise woman who works within a community, who helps and heals directly through their craft and also by being available to talk and heal. This resonated strongly with me. Naomi however, Heals through her art:

For me, my expression of my spirituality is purely through my art. So, all my healing intention and everything goes straight through there not directly to people. But then other people have said to me, Well, no, you are still healing, you are still contributing to the community. The way I work is I channel and that’s a sacred process that I go through. So sacred artist is what I go by. It is part of my practice daily, but it’s very solitary for me. A very introspective thing, as opposed to doing it in order to help. Obviously, it helps externally. But my intention is not necessarily there, It is just that I’m driven to do these things, as opposed to going, Oh, I’m going to do this for this purpose.

Ideas and Inspiration come to Naomi in a variety of ways, often through meditation. She visits sacred spaces and meditates there as well as having her own sacred spaces where she feels compelled to visit ( feeling I know well). She describes it as feeling like a channel; She may know what she wants to convey, an entity, a festival that has made itself known to her or something commissioned. The images always morph and change continuously. It is always a journey and one piece takes months to complete from receiving the message of inspiration, to completion.

Naomi takes herself and is led on journeys spiritually and physically when she is working on a piece. She follows the path laid out and the feels the nudges from the universe allowing her to include so much. For example, when working on her Epona piece, the opportunity arose to visit some horses in Glastonbury. Also, every tree in her work is a drawing of a real tree not an imagined one which, I think, is one of the reasons they reach people so profoundly, the art constructs itself through Naomi.

what I start off with is not necessarily what I finished up with, because it wasn’t through my decision, the way I work is very intuitive even if people give me a set of criteria, what comes out? I can’t say, I may include the bear that is important to you. But the way the bear interacts within that space, that inner space of the artwork is up to the artwork. Not to me.

The healing for me anyway, comes through observing the details. Every time I look, I see something new or feel a connection to a different aspect of the piece. Naomi explained to me that this is the way in which they heal:

That’s how it should be. It should be that people can return again and again, and they will see see a different thing, whatever is calling to them or they need to see, that’s my whole philosophy: it is literally what you see is what you need to see. And you see something different every time because your needs are always changing. Because that is the essence of our life- change. If you’re returning to something then there is something more to learn.

I am particularly fond of her sabbath Images and use them myself to meditate on own personal journeys as we move through the wheel of the year. They are even available as prayer flags for that very purpose. (I know right?! seriously, have a look at her website at the bottom, they are exceptional)

The Norns
Canvas prints available in her shop.
Loving the shed vibes

Getting to know Naomi a little more I could feel she is highly connected. That cosmic push and pull (I know how it feels) to follow the path you should be on is what her practice seems to center on; listening and surrendering to it (unnerving at times) is something she seems astonishingly comfortable with. As we talked more Naomi told me something that blew me away…

Naomi is originally from Christmas Island a territory of Australia, due to her Father’s work she was fortunate enough to be able to travel somewhat and began to see, feel and absorb essences of paganism, though her family were “in no way pagan” Naomi could feel it even at a young age. When she was 10 her family moved to Australia which never felt like home. which was very much to do with not being indigenous.

The more I travelled around Australia, the more wrong it felt and I said no, this is this isn’t my home. This is a beautiful place I’m visiting. I respect it and I honour it but this is not my space. This is not for me to own, take or be you know, part of in that sense. So when travelling to Europe, I came full circle, landed a few miles away from Totnes and that’s where my ancestors come from and I haven’t moved since. This is definitely my ancestral land and I definitely felt that connection straightaway and then afterwards found out through my mom’s genealogy and her family tree, they came about three generations ago from Totnes to Australia.


In case you are not aware Totnes is a town in Devon, where I live. It is known for being a spiritual place. I feel it powerfully. Moving here brought me the roots I had been seeking my whole life and it is still the best decision I have ever made. I say- “Totnes Provides”.

The River Dart through Totnes

In finding her ancestral lands with her Soulmate Naomi put down roots for her family and began working in the local pre-school, later training as a forest school teacher. I asked Naomi how she made the jump from doing all that to focusing on her art. This too feels like a journey she had to follow:

I ruptured my Achilles about 5 years ago, My husband was made redundant from his job and then we had a death in the family. it happened over roughly about a year. So when I was back on my feet, just studying forest school again, The last tragedy happened, which was the ultimate tragedy. And that changed my life. Bizarrely, because I was stuck. I couldn’t do anything. And so I started drawing with spiritual intent, because before my husband’s father died, he had dementia and his behavior, everything was so erratic everything, and what he was giving off was so erratic. He started tracking the St Michael’s ley lines. He walked for miles and miles and miles, or we’d get phone calls saying ‘can you pick me up from here Please’, it was like ‘what the heck are you doing there?! And It brought my spirituality back into focus again because I had veered away from it quite a bit. It was more of a stepping into and then coming back, that kind of thing. And I just said-‘No, I’m not gonna let the mundane take over again!’ I’m going to give this time and space because there’s something happening here, what he’s tapping into, does exist. Don’t doubt it. You know what I mean? As you go through these periods where you doubt? , You know, am I perceiving it or am I just a little bit crazy? I’ve always felt things knocking on my door, and my inside my head. a lot. And I’ve often ignored them, or I’ve let them flow through and done nothing with it, you know. so I returned to the lesson and returned to the lesson. I felt that this again, this what he was tapping into, how he was going between worlds.

I asked Naomi if her father-in-law had shown an interest into ley lines and these sorts of things before.

No, no, not in that sense. He’d always been historical. And he’d always been into and gone to historical places and stuff like that. But this was very much, it was almost like seeing a hermit come from out of sanctuary and just free flowing. [He was] a very flamboyant man, wonderfully flamboyant, really artistic, really creative, man, but just at the end; you just felt wow! you are you not with us but you are, stripped away from himself he was like a conduit.
It was very disturbing to be around as it is, but I also thought, Oh, give it notice. Take notice. Learn this. Be conscious and intentional with your interaction with the landscape, and your interaction with the world. These energy lines, for example, ley lines that everyone scoffs at the same time saying exist; they do exist, give them time and give them credit, honour them properly. And then everything started to escalate From there.

It feels like Naomi’s journeys and her work are prime example of having trust in the journey . In your journey. If you are open. If you can focus, listen and follow the clues (it takes bravery too) you will arrive at exactly where you are meant to be.

you can admire and purchase some of Naomi’s work on the following links. Have a look, I’d love to hear which pieces speak to you and why. I hope the help you on your own journey.

Facebook Instagram Website

As usual I have included the audio from our conversation for the sake of transparency. In it you hear us talk about the Cauldron of Changes Movement if that interests you, you can learn more here

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Peace Out Witches!

Love Kate xxx


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