Here you can find the basics of Spellcraft and subscribe to see spells I create and use as well as those I have discovered in my own studies and adapted.

Primal Scream Ritual

I created this ritual when I was deep in the trenches of my own transformation last year and it changed my life. It helped me find the voice I was looking for, find my Dark feminine, and awoke a wildness in me that had been bursting to get out. It is intended to release all…

Samhain Rituals

For this post I am offering an in depth description of Samhain ‘rites’ along with 2 more advanced rituals for you to work with to connect with what lies beyond the veil, gain wisdom and step into your power.

Lughnasadh/Lammas Rituals

Lughnasadh is almost here! the first Harvest festival of the season. A time for taking pride in what has been achieved and doing any necessary pruning to achieve a bountiful harvest both physically and spiritually. Included are 3 spells/rituals to support your practice and engage with the abundant energy of the harvest season.

Litha Rituals

Litha is almost here. A celebration of high summer and the ripening of plans laid and worked upon in spring. The time for celebrating all you have achieved and ask for blessings for future success. Included are 4 Rituals to harness the energy of the sun and midsummer and bring it’s virility into your life.

A Spell To Call Your Power Back To You

I adore this spell and use it regularly; It helped me view my power differently and gives me a greater sense of ownership. It’s really simple and can be done as regularly as you feel you need. I hope you find this spell of use to you. If you have any questions feel free to…

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

Ostara Ritual

Ostara is THE time for manifesting. This egg ritual provides the opportunity to ask for any blessings to aid your journey. It can be easily adapted into your other celebrations and made as simple or ritualistic as you like.

An Ancestral Healing Ritual

This is a personal ritual I used to begin healing my ancestral trauma and embrace my shadow self. It is powerful, moving and only recommended when you feel you are ready.

Ritual Baths and Showers

Anything can be made into a ritual by adding intention and preparation. Working with the element of water to cleanse your energy as well as your body is an excellent way to add a bit more magic to your normal routine.


Casting a Circle

casting a circle is a vital part of working a spell as it keeps us safe and allows us to focus our intention before releasing it into the universe. Included are two basic methods to get you started.


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