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Witches Tea Depression and Anxiety Blend- A Review

Feeling stressed or got a case of the brain goblins? This lovely blend from the sisters at Witches Tea is deigned comfort and support you. It offers uplifting support easing stress and allowing you to come back to yourself.

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Tea Time Tuesday! A Ritual Brew to Open Ears to the Messages Meant For You

A brew to open you up to receive messages form the divine. This one is good for ritual, dream and astral work. It offers protection and blessings as we explore the psychic.

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Offering to the gods/ancestors

The ritual of leaving offerings to your gods or ancestors is common among many religions and cultures. It can be as simple as 'pouring one out' (tipping some of your drink on the ground) to honour lost loved ones when remembering them. Or as elaborate as decorating an altar to a particular deity or family… Continue reading Offering to the gods/ancestors