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Primal Scream Ritual

Some backstory for you Darlings, I created this ritual last year when I was deep in the trenches of transformation. If you’ve read this post. You will have a better understanding of where I was in terms of my journey. It was new years eve, 2 weeks later I would separate from my husband and begin living my life for myself. This ritual changed me. It helped me find the voice I was looking for, find my Dark feminine, and awoke a wildness in me that had been bursting to get out. This ritual brought her to the surface and I am so grateful to the women who joined me that day. It was the first step onto a priestess path I had been resisting and it came so organically.

I was experiencing so much rage, a lifetime (several in fact) and I had nowhere to put it. There was no acceptable place given. As an AFAB person I had been conditioned to hide my rage; to be ashamed of it. trying to hold it in wasn’t healthy. It was boiling, churning away inside me. Leaking out in ways I didn’t like. Without direction or purpose. The people who put it there weren’t even around anymore but I was still being expected to hold it in by those around me beacuse it made them uncomfortable. They were right to be because it is terrifying for good reason.

What I came to learn was this: divine rage has an insane amount of power. Especially divine feminine rage (bearing in mind that we all have Divine archetypes within ourselves. It is not a gender specific thing. And, gender is a construct…get on board). It is the scream of the oppressed which empowers them to take a stand, find strength and make change. The embodied fury which brings warrior and destroyer to the fore front. Death and transformation through darkness gives way to rebirth and a new life. We see this dark side of femininity in the stories of divine feminine like Kali, Lilith and Medusa; The Divine warrior in Athena, Freya, The Morrigan, Artemis and many more. Yet this side of the feminine is one of the parts we have had taken from us. It was taken from us BECAUSE it is so powerful.

I advise you to gather a bunch of like minded folk together if possible as it helps find the courage to really let loose. If you’re practicing alone my advice is to just go for it. Once you start using your voice to take up space you won’t care if others think you mad or foolish. The release and what it unlocks is worth it. Find the path to your dark feminine rage. The world needs it.

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