42 The meaning of life, the universe and everything…

These are mostly astrology and lunar cycle related posts, but also my views on day to do life and some rants thrown in for good measure.

New Moon in Pisces 11th/12th of April

This New Moon in Aries brings big change energy. A chance to be brave and do the thing! If there is something you have been wanting to start but needed a push. This is it.

Full Moon in Libra 28th of March

This full moon is bringing intense healing energy. Now is the time to address anything in your life that needs balancing especially in terms of relationships, creativity and love.

A Rant On The Patriarchy

This rant has been building for years. I thought long and hard about writing it then remembered I am here to use my voice. To speak up. To educate. This is not solely a feminist rant. In order to make lasting change it is men who will lead the way and we have to support them in doing so.

Full Moon in Leo 28th of January 2021

It’s the full moon of the calendar year! Leo is bringing some intense energies amplified by expansive Jupiter so if your feeling powerful needs to shout and be heard this might be why.

Friday 13th and Witches

It’s a powerful day today! Friday the 13th and the Harvest Moon! de-mystifying Friday the 13th and celebrating the Harvest Moon.

A Valentines rant on love, romance and choosing a partner.

This is a subject close to my heart. First of all. Fuck valentines day and it’s mass-consumerist bullshit! If you’re into it that’s absolutely fine. This article might not be for you though. Personally I want romance spontaneously. Intimate moments like making me tea in the morning, jumping my bones when I’m doing the washing… Continue reading A Valentines rant on love, romance and choosing a partner.


Yule is upon us! a description of Yule and its traditions.

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