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These are mostly astrology and lunar cycle related posts, but also my views on day to do life and some rants thrown in for good measure.

New Moon and Eclipse in Taurus 30th of April

The New Moon and Eclipse in Taurus is bringing a powerful portal to manifest all you deserve in terms of abundance. It’s an opportunity to step onto a path more aligned with your highest purpose. Expect big shifts and some discomfort as what no longer serves falls away.

Full Moon in Leo 16th February

The Leo Full moon asks us to release any blockages that prevent us from following our highest purpose; our creativity, what we feel called to do and who we feel called to be…

Full Moon in Cancer January 17th 2022

The First Full Moon of the year is in emotive Cancer. Personally, I feel like this is an awesome sign to start us off for 2022.
Cancer supports us in feeling our feelings, healing our own wounds and those of our ancestors with forgiveness and acceptance. Ruled by the Moon Cancer, is the Dark Feminine, the strength we can find in our being honest about our innermost desires and living as authentically as possible.

Full Moon In Gemini 18th/19th of December

The Full Moon in Gemini comes just days before Yule. This is the final chance this year to let go of all the shit that doesn’t serve your path.

Gemini asks us to be bold in our honesty about what we want and what we will no longer stand for. This is a chance to tie up loose ends on the cycle that began in May 2020. Be Grateful for the lessons learned from our sufferings, recognise our part to play in it and choose to do differently.

Super New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius and Solar Eclipse 3/4th of December 2021

The New Moon in Sagittarius brings an opportunity to aim for the stars, set intentions and begin a new adventure. It is accompanied by a Solar eclipse bringing big changes in terms of how we see our journey, struggles and highest purpose. It also marks the end of the sag/Gemini eclipse cycle that began in May 2020 expect closure on those struggles and an opportunity to use all you have learnt to catapult you into something new.

Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus November 19th 2021

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus is going to bring some big changes to how we see our ‘lot in life’.
It is a time to address our foundations, values and how we exchange our energy, what we will no longer tolerate and what needs to be released in order to clear space for greater alignment. There is a strong connection to Medusa and the rise of the dark feminine…

New Moon in Scorpio November 4th 2021

The New Moon in Scorpio brings us an opportunity to alchemise our shadow selves,- our deepest hurts, fears and desires into positive action. Though Scorpio is about shedding and embracing the darkness, Uranus offers a spark of catalytic energy to propel our shiny new shed selves onto a path that is better for us. Even if it doesn’t feel like it.

New Moon in Libra-6th of October 2021

This New Moon in Libra is an opportunity to bring about radical change. Address the areas of your life where the balance has not served and bring us more in line with our greatest potential.

Read more to find out how to harness this into your own life.

New Moon in Virgo 6th/7th of September 2021

This Monday Sees the rise of the new moon In Virgo, THE time to focus on future plans and getting our shit together. Whatever you are working towards Virgo is here to support you in meeting your highest purpose with honest kind reflection and a plan of action.

Full ‘Blue moon’ in Aquarius 22nd of August

The ‘blue’ full moon in Aquarius brings another chance to harness the catalytical energy and release what no longer serves us. This time around there are other energies at play leading us to break throughs in healing our mindsets and relationships.

New Moon in Cancer 9/10th of July

The Sun is already in Cancer and the New moon is joining it. Expect to feel all the feely feels coming up. But fear not, feelings are wisdom they are there to show us what needs to be changed. you can read the full write up of the energy of this new moon and guidance to support you in making the most of it over on the blog.

Super Full Moon in Capricorn 24th June 2021

The first Full Moon after eclipse season and it is set to be hugely transformative. Capricorn brings ambitious energy along with the Sun in Cancer calling for self care moving forwards. A prime time to set boundaries and address any changes you are being called to make from your emotive self.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse 10th June 2021

The Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Gemini arrive peak tomorrow but you may have been feeling the effects for a couple of weeks. As we move from waning to waxing energy it is time to look ahead.

click on the link to learn more

New Moon in Taurus 11th May

The New Moon in Taurus brings a chance to really align your life with your core values and attract abundance. Harness it’s energy to manifest a life that serves your highest purpose.

A Rant on Triggers

A rant on what is like to live with irrational ‘triggers’, how to manage them and how not to be a dick about it.

Super Full Moon in Scorpio 26th/27th April

The super moon is Scorpio is throwing up huge opportunities to let go of toxic patterns. Scorpio is all about transformation and growth, especially growth through suffering; The death of one cycle and the beginning of a new one.

Full Moon in Libra 28th of March

This full moon is bringing intense healing energy. Now is the time to address anything in your life that needs balancing especially in terms of relationships, creativity and love.

A Rant On The Patriarchy

This rant has been building for years. I thought long and hard about writing it then remembered I am here to use my voice. To speak up. To educate. This is not solely a feminist rant. In order to make lasting change it is men who will lead the way and we have to support them in doing so.

Full Moon in Leo 28th of January 2021

It’s the full moon of the calendar year! Leo is bringing some intense energies amplified by expansive Jupiter so if your feeling powerful needs to shout and be heard this might be why.

Friday 13th and Witches

It’s a powerful day today! Friday the 13th and the Harvest Moon! de-mystifying Friday the 13th and celebrating the Harvest Moon.

A Valentines rant on love, romance and choosing a partner.

This is a subject close to my heart. First of all. Fuck valentines day and it’s mass-consumerist bullshit! If you’re into it that’s absolutely fine. This article might not be for you though. Personally I want romance spontaneously. Intimate moments like making me tea in the morning, jumping my bones when I’m doing the washing… Continue reading A Valentines rant on love, romance and choosing a partner.


Yule is upon us! a description of Yule and its traditions.

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