Here you can find my thoughts and musings on life and the human experience. Advice on dealing with the journey and my take on how to be the best witch/human you can be with a sprinkle of colourful language and aggressive self-love beliefs.

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

A Rant On The Patriarchy

This rant has been building for years. I thought long and hard about writing it then remembered I am here to use my voice. To speak up. To educate. This is not solely a feminist rant. In order to make lasting change it is men who will lead the way and we have to support…

A Valentines rant on love, romance and choosing a partner.

This is a subject close to my heart. First of all. Fuck valentines day and it’s mass-consumerist, conditioned hetero bullshit! If you’re into it that’s absolutely fine. This article might not be for you though. Personally, I want romance spontaneously. Intimate moments like making me tea in the morning, jumping my bones when I’m doing…


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