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Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed. Using your craft to support your pets.

As you may have noticed I LOVE animals! Not just the cute fluffy ones either. Although, I will cross a road to stroke a puppy with no shame in being the mental lady holding you up while I speak to your furbaby. I have always had an interest in biology and the natural world. I do not evict spiders or kill flies. I won’t even let the C.V use the lawn mower as I am protective of my little ecosystem no matter how ‘untidy’ it looks. A witch’s garden will not be tidy. I feel it is my duty to protect and support all life. We are a part of the natural world no more important than the slugs who eat my sunflowers every fucking year.


Throughout my life I have had a variety of companion animals (currently a husky, cat and two ferrets) . They are my family and much like the rest of my family I do my best to support them through my craft both in spellcraft and hedge/kitchen-witchery. For this post I wanted to share a little of that with you.

Internal wellbeing=outward wellbeing

Diet and nutrition are the first part of feeling good. Take care of your body and it takes care of you. As a guardian it falls to us to be responsible for the feeding of our furbabies (mostly, the cat is a different story she brought me a 3 day old rats arse from the garden once). I have always endeavoured to do my best in this regard which took a bit of research.

I feel like everyone should do their own research. Don’t just follow what you’re told, even by me. Cross reference, use trusted sources, talk to professionals and other people with the same animals. That being said I believe we should follow an animals natural diet so; all of my animals being mainly carnivorous (Skadi dog is actually an omnivore, the others are obligate carnivores more on that below) we feed them a bone and raw food diet.

Skadi Bear

Majestic as fuck!

Skadi is a husky mix. We don’t know exactly what she is but we know the first part is malamute. Huskies are known to have delicate digestion. Our Madame Floofy Pants is no different. When the C.V and I first got together she had a good varied diet but it doesn’t take much to throw her out of balance. She suffered similar symptoms to human IBS. Which I have, so I felt her suffering. These days she rarely has ‘the runs’. We switched her to the bone and raw food diet. I use a company called naturaw as I like their ethical packaging and ethos.

I also make our own dried dog treats which consist of dehydrated liver, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot and venison. There are other vegetables out there that are safe for dogs but I know that she likes these and the probiotics in the pumpkin and sweet potatoes are very good for her stomach. She’s a very belly led creature and being both highly intelligent and willful her ‘training’ is constant. Like us, some of her issues could have been down to stress too.

Dried pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot.

If I feel she needs a bit of extra support (she had a yeast infection in between her paws not so long ago, she swims in the river and licks them, the stinky minger) I give her a small amount of unsweetened goat kifir in the mornings. It has to be goat dairy as dogs are lactose intolerant and not included in her everyday diet as its fattening.

Finally I make her floofness her own magic tea in the same way I use it for humans. Chamomile (antispasmodic) and Fennel (digestive aid) calm an upset stomach as does ginger (eases nausea). I also add tiny bit of turmeric (anti inflammatory and antibacterial) and thyme (antiseptic, antispasmodic, antibacterial and has antioxidants) occasionally if she seems like she’s feeling unwell. She hasn’t needed this for a while as her improved diet is working. I brew it up and keep it in the fridge adding 1-2 tablespoons to her food. If your dog is small I would recommend less.

Dog tea!

*disclaimer* I AM NOT A VET! as with all herbal medicines they are to be used to support wellbeing. If you’re concerned about your pets health see a vet first.

My own research and experience has lead me to believing these herbs are safe in small doses. There are actually quite a few dog safe herbs out there so you could consider making dog tea to support a number of issues.

I use a small pinch of each of the herbs listed above in a pint of hot water.


Pandora is my familiar. She came to me in unpleasant circumstances and has a shall we say, a unique personality. Dora has a power all of her own. She is something else in a cat skin. I believe she is one of my ancestors sent to guide me and I don’t think this is the first time she has been tasked with this as she’s so good at it.

I am a lucid dreamer (more on this to come). Sometimes I get stuck in a loop of puzzling, stressful situations. Dora is a dream walker and if I call for her she can pull me out of them. It doesn’t solve the puzzle but gives me chance to rest before I have to re-visit it. She also emparts information to me. Usually lost things and sometimes great epiphanies, always with a look that let’s me know I should have just asked her sooner.

I make this cat all sorts of charms to wear. She shakes some of them off if they don’t suit her, that is her nature. One spell I have found useful over the years is to bring her home when I’m worried about her. Though the longer we have had each other, the less I need to turn to spellwork. I simply reach for her, my heart to hers.

She ‘lost’ this one on purpose. Again.

Charms and spellcraft.

Another way I support my pets is through charms and spellcraft most animals wear a collar of some sort. These are easily charmed, you can use runes and symbols if that’s what your comfortable with. I’ve also attached crystals and talismans over the years either hung like a tag or sewn into bandanas. Many deities are associated with different animals and can be persuaded to aid you.

Protection spells are popular for many reasons. If you protect your home and your loved ones, then your pets too can be protected.

There are several ways you can do this. A personal favourite of mine is to ask for divine assistance. For cats I choose Freya as she has a particular fondness for them, her chariot is pulled by two cats named Amber and Honey (Tree Gold and Bee Gold).

For dogs I appeal to Hecate as they are bonded to her. She values their companionship in the same way we do.

I will be uploading a link for my collar charming spell soon.

I’ve also made a witch jar to promote harmony between the dog and the cat. It has had some success however, I need to put more work into the cat side as she is the troublesome one (of course). She has power of her own which resists mine. You can’t control free will after all. There will be more on this to come as I continue to work it.

The beginnings of the Witch jar.

Crystals can have a positive impact on living with your pets for example easing anxiety(labradorite), creating harmony in the home (blue lace agate) or increasing attention and focus (fluorite) which is particularly useful with dogs

As mentioned, I am very careful with the herbs I use and do a lot of research. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable using essential oils with animals as they are concentrated and can have adverse affects. I don’t feel there have been enough studies to support research and don’t support testing on animals so I avoid them. A dog or cat would come into contact with herbs naturally not highly concentrated variations.

As yet I haven’t needed to aid my ferrets magically. Polecats are another animal sacred to Hecate perhaps that’s all they need….

Here’s a bonus picture of them anyway.

Do you use magical practices to support your pets? Hit me up in the comments below.

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Peace out witches (and familiars)

Love Kate Xxx