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The Ultimate Magical Correspondence List

I have lists of magical correspondences in just about every notebook I own. My Grimoire has pages and pages dedicated to it. This blog is slowly becoming a grimoire in itself so it makes sense to put all of my knowledge here to share with you darlings. From herbs, colours and crystals to charming the pot and incense; everything you need to match correspondences to intention and build rituals and spell craft. I will be adding to this post as I go along as I’m always learning new things but it is already quite extensive. Also, not that I want to do myself out of subscribers and income I just feel it is important to reiterate: Spells don’t have to be highly ritualistic you don’t HAVE to perform it on a certain day or add colour and herbs to everything. It is just a way of adding to your intention; do whatever works for you. You already contain all of the power you need. That being said; subscribing to my ‘witching only’ content will give you access to a bunch of spells recipes and information plus, I get to do another little happy dance 🥰

Witching Content. Subscribe to get access

I believe knowledge should be free. However, I also need to make a living. In order for me to be able to continue providing content, I have to strike a balance between the two. Which is why some of my content is subscription only. You can sign up to receive ‘witching content’ below which gives access to a plethora of spells, recipes and rituals. You can also receive all of these direct to your inbox as if by magic (ah puns) and support me in continuing to do what I love-Sharing my knowledge with you lovely people!


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