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Imbolc Rituals

Imbolc is the Pagan festival of awakening. As life begins to stir in the earth, the energy is starting to build. We have journeyed through the dark of winter, gathering wisdom; transmuting pain and suffering into new life ready for rebirth. The Goddess too is reborn. Transformed from crone to maiden, The Horned God a virile young man again. The proximity of Valentines Day to Imbolc acknowledges the energy of pairing, love and passion between the two. The stirring happens in the world as it stirs in them.

What is being stirred in you? I love this time of year; the building energy of potential stirs within me. I’m struggling to sleep because I have so much creative energy bubbling away.

You can find a deeper description of the traditions of Imbolc here but for this post I am offering 3 of my personal rituals to engage with the energy of the season and make the most of it to enhance your experience and expand your power. 1 Spell to plant seeds for the coming year, 1 Fire Divination spell to ignite the spark within and hone psychic gifts and 1 bath ritual to remove the Ichor of last year and nurture yourself and greet the spring from the best foundation possible.

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