Full Moon in Virgo Friday 18th of March

There is so much to say about this full moon. It is the last full moon of winter, the astrological new year. With Ostara coming immediately after it, we are on the tipping point between moving away from all that has been left behind in winter and into the growing season. This is a chance to make some really profound change and align with all that you want to achieve for yourself come summer.

Virgo rules the 6th house which governs our daily routines, our sense of duty and service to others, our work and our health (something we have a duty to). This is a time to reflect upon these areas and shake it up a bit. Being a full moon, the focus is on releasing anything that no longer serves you. Perhaps it’s a physical thing like time management or a mindset like limiting self beliefs. Anything that isn’t supporting you in moving forwards with what you want to be doing. It’s a good time to look at work/life balance and make necessary change. If there is something you want to be putting more energy into, what can you let go of to make space for that? This includes changes you want to make in order to better support your spiritual practices or physical and mental health .

Ruled by the element of Earth, Virgo reminds us to remain rooted. To focus on the tangible changes we can make. As we move through the energy of this moon, pay attention to what comes up for you. What is frustrating you, what are you getting pissed off with? These are the areas calling for change. Virgo is detailed and meticulous but there is also a risk of toxic perfectionism. This full moon, make some time to reflect on how you speak to yourself. Let go of this idea that you have to be perfect at something if you are going to do it. Let go of limiting self beliefs that tell you you can’t or you will fail. Yes, the odds are often stacked against us what with the patriarchy brainwashing us and late stage capitalism trying to fuck us; that is why you must try. It might be something small to start with or you may feel called to make massive change. I fully support the latter, light that shit up! If you’ve been waiting for a sign, I’ll be that sign for you…fucking do it! Do it from a grounded place, rooted in seeking alignment with your highest purpose but do it!

A friend of mine just quite her job because it was fucking with her mental health in a very real way, she has the financial freedom to do it now but she, like all of us, was afraid of taking that leap because of what we think we ‘should’ be doing (there’s a rant here on how I feel about the word ‘should’). She’s only gone and done it! I am so proud of her! I came across a little nugget of wisdom recently which is “If it’s not a fuck yeah, it’s a no”. It has massively changed the things I put my energy into. Honestly, it’s been life changing! As humans we fear change but making change…it’s a wild ride. Rather than waiting for change to come, for a clear sign. Just go for it. It’s scary and painful, thrilling and empowering all at once. Taking responsibility for our paths and our choices gives us power in the change. It allows you to shape that change better. Embrace the chaos darlings, it will set you free. Seeing as it is a full moon. This change will be something you have let go of, a job, as relationship, void filling behaviour, a toxic mindset. You know what is already, are you going to make change now or let it hold you back and suffer it through another season? The next two weeks between this full moon and the new moon in Aries have potential to shift you onto the right path. All you have to do is let go of the things holding you back especially if all that is holding you back is fear. Bravery is not the absence of fear, it is feeling fear and doing the thing anyway. You are capable of such brave things. IT helps to remember all the brave things you have done already. The times you had to be brave when change was put upon you and how you have made it through every thing you have suffered on your journey to get here in the first place. Imagine what you could achieve if you made the changes.

Graphic design that reads "if it's not a fuck yeah, it's a no. above the caption is a line drawing of wisteria, below is a bee surrounded with leaves and the moon phases.

Virgo is represented by a maiden goddess. In Greek mythology she is Astraea the ‘virgin’ goddess of purity, justice, innocence and precision. Virginity is a construct but what it usually implies is the purity and innocence of girlhood or maidenhood. Astraea was the last of the Gods to give up on humanity and move to the heavens. She could no longer bear to watch the brutality of the bronze-age. Where men were focusing on greed and war. Sound familiar? This story really resonates with me. Is it time to walk away from something you find unbearable? Could you better serve from somewhere else? Astraea is also connected to the Goddesses Dike (justice) and Nemesis (revenge/wrath). An interesting connection to consider when making change; Is it just? if there is poison there, feelings of hurt and disrespect remember there is a difference between needless revenge, making a mess and divine consequence. There is something to be said for wrath as a motivator for change. The dark feminine rage that has been oppressed for centuries is breaking through, if you have this in you….use it. Now is not the time for ‘good girl’ energy, sticking around because they feel morally obligated. It is the time for ‘fuck this shit, I’m out’ energy. Call people out on their shit if that feels right but also, know when it is time to walk away.

There is a lot coming up to do with sex and relationships still as Venus (love), Mars, (action) and Uranus (breaking free of limits and boundaries) are in alignment. Uranus is now square to Venus and Mars making this catalytic energy potentially difficult now. He is also sextile to Mercury. Mercury rules over communication and commerce the exchange of energy. It is also Virgo’s ruling planet. Now is an excellent time to communicate areas you want to make change in when it comes to intimacy, connection and relationships. This could be sexual (I hope it is, I’d love that for you) or it could be in how you would like energy to be given or exchanged. Got a new thing you want to try in the bedroom, speak up. Want to address an imbalance in the relationship dynamic, make time and space to reflect upon this and bring it to your loved one/ones. This is particularly important if you feel your energy is being drained or held back. Push the boundaries of your comfort zone when it comes to seeking those deep connections. It will involve you having to be radically honest with yourself, vulnerable with others, grounded in knowing what you want and transparent about your needs. Easier said than done I know but remember, you are very brave.

Adding to this love connection, the asteroid Aphrodite has made an appearance.”Ooooh Aphrodite” I hear you swoon. Yes, Aphrodite goddess of beauty, sex and love but not necessarily ethical, balanced and measured. She has tendency to be hedonistic, possessive and rash. So keep this in mind as we move through the next few weeks. There is potential to shake up your love life (especially your sex life) but try to apply as much tact as you can so as not to make a mess or hurt those you love. Enthusiastic consent is the aim of the game (if it’s not a fuck yeah…it’s a no)

Pluto is going to be a big player in astrology terms for a long time. This transformative energy is something you can definitely harness for yourself. Pluto is Hades, God of the underworld. Our inner psyche and deep hidden desires. He is also consort to Persephone. Once a spring maiden (not unlike Astraea), now spring maiden still but also Queen of the Underworld. She teaches your power lies in being both. Hades teaches that your potential lies in loving your darkness. I know I harp on about shadow work a lot but that is because it is the answer. This full moon make time to connect with your shadow self, learn where your triggers come from, what you are afraid of and how that manifests as patterns in your life. Then begins the work of changing those patterns to ones that serve you better.

To Sum Up

We are at a crux point. The last full moon before we move into the growing season. Ostara follows just days after, the time for reaching out and growing into new spaces is nearly here. Before we set about that though, we have a chance to release anything that will not serve this growing season. Take time to reflect upon what that is, likely it will be glaringly obvious. There is potential for Drama this full moon. Whatever comes up that is where you should be looking to make change.

Virgo energy is all about how we can best serve ourselves in terms of our health what we put our energy into. She reminds us to remain rooted, make real lasting change by freeing up space for it. Make time to ground yourself and reflect upon the change you want to make, the motivation behind it and the benefit of taking responsibility for it.

The Venus-Mars connection remains but is now square to Uranus planet of revolutionary change. Now is the time to communicate changes you want to make in terms of relationships, sex and connection. Be wary of being too rash about this. Make time to reflect and communicate from a place of self awareness, empathy and compassion.

Pluto’s connection to both The Sun and The Moon continues to provide transformative potential. This is achieved by becoming self aware of our innermost truths and how our subconscious operates. Lean into this by making time for shadow work. Create opportunities for shadow work.

Finding a balance that better serves you in all areas is a good place to focus your intention. Ask yourself what feels off balance, what do you need to let go of the achieve the balance that aligns with your highest purpose. What do you feel called to do? What do you really want? And, what is getting in the way of it? Once you have identified it, set your intention and leave it all behind here. This includes things like limiting self belief, judgement, perfectionism and criticism. You can use my basic full moon releasing ritual, journaling or simply speak it aloud to The Moon. Words have power, they are spells in themselves. As always I’ll be posting more content over on my social media so keep an eye out for that. You could also use this as an opportunity to call your power back to you. Severing the energetic ties of what no longer serves you. I like to use this spell as a part of my ritual bath.

Stay rooted my Darlings, whatever changes you are making in your life own them. You are braver than you know, it’s time to step into that power and begin to believe it.

Peace Out Witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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