New Moon In Pisces 2nd March 2022

Before we get into it Darlings I want to be really honest with you. With everything else going on in the world, I was contemplating staying quiet this week. What could I possibly have to say from my privileged little corner of Devon that would help or serve in such dark times globally. So, I took some time to reflect and what came through was this concept of ‘me, we, us’ in witchcraft I have always believed to be true: When we bring consciousness to our own struggles and the power to heal them (me), we do so in our family lines and communities (we), this in turn spreads out in to the collective (us). So, if you want to make global change in the world you can do so by working on bringing yourself into greater alignment. It may feel like such a small space to be starting from but it can lead to doing great things. You may find you are called to other action once you have settled it in yourself.

I do see correlation in the astrology, my own life, that of my friends and loved ones; and in the collective. Please take what resonates with you from this post and leave anything that doesn’t. My intention is not to turn a blind eye to the horrors of the world and the lack of humanity, nor allow it to drown me in despair. It is to find the power we each have in making positive change and supporting that in whatever way we can. Moving on!

Pisces rules the 12th house which governs our unconscious, Karma, our psyche and things beyond our physical plane. It can also be confinement and our potential self un-doing. Something we all have, the unconscious patterns we have to heal and work through. Pisces is represented by two fish connected by water. There is a sense of adaptiveness, fluidity and shape shifting. Pisces asks if you are being unconsciously being pulled in a current, using it to your advantage so that you may thrive or swimming against the tide? If you feel its the latter ask yourself why, is it necessary? If the answer is yes, keep going there is a way ahead. If you feel like it is futile perhaps it’s time to surrender to a different stream, this could be simply in terms of mind set. Finding acceptance is powerful in finding the strength to move forward.

Ruled by Neptune (god of the seas), Pisces represents the deepest depths, the ocean itself. He is said to represent universal love (above Venus which is more individual love). The love of all life that is connected through water. He holds dominion over psychic abilities, dreams and intuition. This is possibly the best lunation of the year in terms of manifesting things for ourselves around healing, shadow work and growth of self but I’ll come to that. First, a word of warning. In Greek mythology, Neptune is Poseidon. One of the more malevolent of the gods prone to anger, rash decisions and rape. There is an element of being wary of this in what you choose to do with your energy and intentions. Take the time to think things through before you act. Be mindful of things like consequence and free will when you are manifesting something for yourself or it will lead to a mess.

Pisces rules all that is mystic including our own mystical gifts. This is the perfect time to work on your spiritual practices, explore new ones and ask for guidance. You could try out a new meditation, divination tool or dreamwork. Speaking of dreams, play close attention to them at the moment. Listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you. Is there something you have been feeling called to do but don’t know where to start or if it is wise?

black and white graphic of two fish swimming within a circle. Two crossed Tridents above them.

New Moons are a time for manifesting and this is THE moon for making huge changes for yourself. With Ostara just around the corner (keep an eye out for upcoming ritual posts), we have moved through the time of letting go and now we have growth energy. A chance to fill all the space you’ve made with things better suited to your highest purpose; to integrate and complete the loop on things you have worked on through the winter. Follow the things that light you up. Ask for more of it (being mindful of Neptune’s toxic void filling potential), This is the growth part of transformation. Embrace it! Neptune is god of poetry and the poetry of life. If you are looking for more spiritual connections, want to explore your sexuality or add new practices to your life now is the time to ask for those opportunities.

There is a nudge towards balance and harmony with Pisces energy. Being a water sign it is all about emotions. For me it is seeing the balance of the hard, painful aspects of growth and the divine rewards of it. How can life be so beautiful and painful all at once? Because that is what makes life beautiful.

There are some other things going on with the astrology I want to share with you. Firstly this conjunction between Mars(planet of war, action and power) and Venus (planet of abundance in love, money and in self love) continues. These too have a catalytic energy and a deep history. This could be seen as positive in being able to get all the things you want in these areas, or negative if the motives are for power, oppression or ownership. These two have just been joined by Pluto (planet of death, transformation and compulsion). Again, this could be seen as positive in that it brings huge transformation potential; or negative in that transformation requires death and destruction so that things can be built from a new foundation. Coming back to the ‘me, we, us’ idea I see this everywhere at the moment. It’s a lot to be living through but Pisces is here to help us flow with it.

Secondly, The sun in Pisces is conjunct with Jupiter, The ultimate Sky-daddy, Zeus himself. This brings an energy that anything is possible. Expansion and hope are big themes. Pair that with Pisces’ universal love, mystic abilities and idealistic attitude and literally anything is possible! Make time to meditate on the things you want over the next few days. Use present tense language e.g. “I am, I have”. Dream as big as you can for yourself and the collective. Hope is a powerful force (I’ll be putting some time into discussing this tomorrow on the podcast).

Finally (there is more of course, but these are three that stood out to me most) a connection with the Sun in Pisces and Uranus bringing an opportunity for freedom, revolutionary change and thinking outside the box.

To Sum Up

This New Moon brings an opportunity manifest huge change for ourselves and the collective. Pisces asks us to look at our intentions but also dream big. There is a lot to be learnt about our own psyche’s, gifts and power. If you are on a healing or transformative journey use this energy to guide you. We are in the growing part of the year so focus on what you want apply growth to in life. Ask for anything you see as beneficial to that, it could more hope, joy, connection, love, sex, peace, wisdom or grace. Use present tense language: “I am connected, there is hope, we are peaceful”. You can find my basic new moon ritual here, use a journal or simply speak it to the moon.

There is big emphasis on love, war and transformation in these areas. As always I recommend use your divinations to guide you I’ll be working on some more content to support you. There are huge shifts happening right now. Be mindful and conscious about the paths you choose to take but do take some. Your intuition will tell you if you are on the right path. This is not to say it is an easy path.

Hold on to hope in these times my Darlings; Dream big for yourselves, for all of us and for the earth.

Peace out Witches ✌️

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Love Kate xxx


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