Defining ‘Witch’

the dictionary definition of witch is:

1 a woman thought to have magical powers, especially evil ones, popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak, pointy hat and flying on a broomstick. 2 a follower or practitioner of Wicca or modern witchcraft.

-Google dictionary.

I use the word ‘Witch’ to describe my spiritual beliefs and practices. For me, they are rooted in paganism but I don’t class myself as Wiccan as I don’t follow the Wiccan Rede (too many rules and stipulations for my taste) personally I’m not one for rhymes in my spell work and intentions though I do use some I have learnt over the years. It can be used to describe a man or a woman ( I know several male witches).

Honestly, its not a word I have always been comfortable using in my early days. Generally, because of the ridicule received from others. Now however, I use it with pride! There are many negative uses of the word. It was used in accusation which led to the death of many people, witch or not, man or woman. Another reason I use it proudly now. Because I am proud of who I am, what I do and my heritage.

I do rock a pointy hat when its cold

Witchcraft to me is just that, the craft I practice and use. It could be defined as: using ritual, symbology and techniques (both ancient and modern) to set an intention and manifest desired outcomes. In my craft, use a combination of: ritual, sigils, candle magic, herbs, tarot, crystals, lunar cycles, dowsing, runes and sympathetic magic (to name a few). I’m also an empath (some people use the word clairsentient) and I practice Palmestry. My intentions are consciously woven into everything, showering and bathing, dressing, charming objects and gifts, hugging a friend or loved one, walking, making tea, the mantra’s I repeat, the words and symbols I draw and have tattooed on my body.

These are all spells, all my form of witchcraft. It enables me to ground myself, reflect and better enrich my own life and those around me (should they will it)

A favourite practice of mine is taking the time to reflect with a cold pint of Devon cider in my favourite beer garden after a walk.

What names do you give yourself and your craft if at all? Are there any you don’t like? I’d love to hear why.

*please be aware this is a safe place any nastiness will not be tolerated.

*I’m a one witch show. so, If you want to show your support for my work and make a donation; hit the button below. Any and all support is gratefully received*

Peace Out Witches!

Love Kate xxx


3 thoughts on “Defining ‘Witch’”

  1. I love this post! Personally I see myself as a Pagan hedge witch. I also am not a follower or Wicca even though it seems I share a few common beliefs. Sadly u like you I don’t have the confidence to tell people I am a witch, mainly because I am too weak to tell people so and feel I have to befriend everyone. I too am an empath and can sometimes find it incredibly hard as a lot of people open up to me about their woes (which to be fair I love to hear and try and help)
    Thank you for writing such a lovely blog. It has made me feel proud 😊😊


    1. Hi Gemma, first of all thank you for your support and lovely comments. Please don’t beat yourself up for not coming out of the broom closet yet, there is still a lot of persecution in this day and age. I’m lucky enough to live in a very open minded town. Are you on instagram? I’ve found this to be a great platform for witches and getting support from like minded people. you just do you xxx whenever you’re ready xxx


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