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Made by Oonagh

Tucked away in a charming garden in Totnes, is the equally charming workshop of the incredibly talented Oonagh Knowles; A self taught metal-smith, who’s workshop has a delightful pixie like feel to it.

Oonagh and her workshop.

I’ve always admired Oonaghs work and have recently become the very proud recipient of a one-of-a-kind engagement ring commissioned by my beloved (yes I did send him to her). Her work has a lot of magical symbology paired with incredible detailing and an eye for beautiful stones. She is also a very modest, sweet woman who was kind enough to give me an interview despite being nervous of such things.

My beautiful engagement/wedding ring 😍

Oonagh, 23 from Totnes, discovered her love for metal-smithing when she did a basic course at the local adult learning centre.

after school I didn’t get along very well at college because I have ME [ Myalgic Encephalomyelitis] So, I struggled with my energy levels. It just didn’t work out very well. So I ended up doing nothing, a bit aimless for a couple of years. And I took a short course and it just clicked, it just ignited and I was like, this is it, this is what I’m going to do.

Although she doesn’t class herself as anything specific spiritually, there is a definite theme in her creations. She told me she feels a deep connection with the moon , not necessarily the Goddess aspect of it. Her logo is the triple moon combined with the elemental symbol for fire. She’s a fucking fire goddess!

traditional things like that [magical symbols],a lot of it is to do with the moon and the feminine. A lot of my jewellery, I say is ‘goddess jewellery’ because its about empowering women. That’s the feeling I want to give people wearing it.

I certainly feel that energy coming through Oonaghs creations. Having started out doing mostly commissions she explained to me how she’s been able to develop her own style and recently discovering a method of creating texture she calls ‘relic or ancient artefact’ texture. Using her scraps of silver and fusing it on. A detail I think really sets her jewellery apart. She has an incredible eye for doing small detail. There is a love knot on the inside of my ring that is so tiny it blows my mind she can create something so delicately miniscule.

Look how tiny it is!

Oonagh classes her-self as a gemstone addict, we took great delight in looking at all of the treasures in her workshop. Her favourites are the more iridescent stones especially opals, moonstone and labrodorites (same). When I asked her what her favourite part of the process was she answered instantly and without hesitation “firing!”.

Crystals everywhere!

Oonagh Knowles everybody: a gemstone addicted, self made, metal-smithing, talented as fuck young fire goddess!

Please do go and check out her exquisite work on any of the following links…

Etsy facebook pinterest instagram

Cheesy pictures for the win!

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peace out witches

Love Kate xxx

4 thoughts on “Made by Oonagh”

  1. I looooove opals and lust after an opal ring. I have a small one in a pendant that I wear most of the time. Your ring is gorgeous and the detail inside amazing. May have to drag my BFF down your way for a visit next time I am in England. Engagement? ❤️


    1. If you do come to England, come see me in Totnes it’s beautiful here. There is a link to Oonagh’s etsy at the end of the post. She still takes commissions too. Yes a wedding engagement 😍

      Liked by 1 person

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