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Casting a Circle

The purpose of a circle is to provide a space where you are protected from outside forces while you work whatever magic you need to do. Magic attracts magic like a lit beacon. There are forces at play in our realm you may not want interfering with your carefully chosen intentions.

Your circle is also a place of power where you can concentrate and work whatever you are doing completely before releasing it into the universe.

There are a couple of methods available to you depending on what you require; the first of which I always use when I’m practicing outside.

Method 1: A Ritual

This method involves drawing a circle psychically using an athame, wand or the first two fingers of your power hand (whichever you use to create and send forth, mine is my right) you could also make a physical circle with salt, rope, or sticks if it takes your fancy and follow over it. I picture the energy field itself more like a cone as it goes up.

  • Using whatever you’ve chosen to direct your energy, choose a starting point this and point it to the the ground.
  • Picture your energy flowing from your hand/tool like a beam of light and striking the ground.
  • Moving doesil (clockwise) , draw the circle with you inside of it all the way round until it is complete.
My wand. Created and gifted to me.

You may wish to use a chant, there are many out there and can vary depending on your intended purpose a basic one I like is below. It also contains the essential aspect of summoning the elements, which is the next step to spellcraft and could negate the need to add further ritual if that’s how you like to practice.

I conjure thee O’ great circle of power/protection

So that you will be a place for me between worlds.

A meeting place of perfect love, trust, peace and joy (you can change these as needed, not all work is light and joyful)

Containing the power I will raise herein.

I call upon the powers/protectors of the East, South, West and North in the name of the Goddess and Horned God (or other deities).

Thus I do conjure the O’ great circle of power/protection.

The circle is sealed.

Not overly flowery does what it needs to.

Opening The Circle

Like all things, when you have finished with it, you must dispose of it responsibly. This is done by opening the circle up again and releasing it. The method is similar but in reverse:

  • Using your other hand; your receiving/banishing hand, I use it open palmed, choose a starting point (preferably the same point but it is a circle so it has no beginning and end)
  • Picture the energy flowing from the ground and back into yourself.
  • Move widdershins (anti-clockwise) around the circle with you on the inside all the way round until it is complete.

Having completed your work. You may choose to give thanks to each deity and element you have called upon individually. You can also do so as you close the circle with the following chant:

May the circle be open yet remain unbroken.

I recieve thee O’great circle of power/protection.

I thank the powers/protectors of the North, West, South and East for their aid in this work.

I give thanks to the Goddess and the Horned God for their love and protection this night/day and every night/day.

My work here is done. The circle is opon yet remains unbroken.

My hands. With my left I recieve and banish and my right, I create.

Method 2: creating a circle using your own energy field.

This one is it a little trickier to explain as it takes some imagination to picture.

Each of us has an energy field. Some people call it an aura. If you imagine it like a bubble, It’s ‘you shaped’ and creates an invisible barrier or force field, that surrounds you. For each of us, the distance of it from our bodies is slightly different. Most of us feel it when someone comes in our personal space.

When someone else’s energy brushes up against ours we feel it. If they physically enter our space it can make us feel uncomfortable or lovely depending on how we feel about that person and their unique energy.

With some practice and focus you can increase and decrease the size of your aura.

  • Do whatever mediation you usually do to center yourself.
  • Once you are calm and relaxed, close your eyes and visualise this force field around you in colour (mine is silver) not solid but like a bubble or film.
  • Take a moment to feel it surrounding you.
  • Take a deep breath in. As you breath out imagine it slowly increasing and moving out from you. The gap between you and it, getting greater and the ‘bubble’ getting stronger with each breath.
  • When you have made it as big as you would like take a moment to strengthen and set it where it is.
  • When ready, you can bring it back to yourself. Again take a deep breath, this time as you breath in picture your bubble getting smaller, pulling the energy back into your solar plexus until it sits in its usual position (mine sits about a 12 inches from my body).
  • Move your hands, head, arms whatever you like, slowly: feel it move with you again.

I recommend practicing this as it can be helpful when you need to keep other people’s energy away from you. There are times when I don’t need to increase it even, just affirm that it is there and nothing can get through unless I allow it. Like all things, focus and intention give it strength.

To cast the circle

A less ritualistic way of casting the circle (which is actually a sphere) is to use this energy field. I tend to use this method when I’m at home at my altar. I extend it to surround my house.

My altar
  • Doing the same as before when practicing. Extend your aura/energy field/bubble/ whatever you want to call it, as large as you feel you need it.
  • Once it has reached the size you require, take a moment to set it there using the same chant as above if you wish, or simply the first sentence “I conjure thee O’great circle of power/protection”

When you have completed your work, as before, you can give thanks individually or include it in your closing chant, before receiving your energy back into yourself.

So there you are, 2 very different methods to cast a circle. There are many more out there what is important is that you keep yourself safe and focused before beginning any spellwork. This is different to the affirmations and everyday witchcraft we use. You can read more about spellcraft here. I hope you find this useful.

As always feel free to contact me via e-mail, social media or comments section if you have any questions or feedback.

Happy casting and blessed be.

Peace out witches.

Love Kate