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Tea Time Tuesday- Booze Edition No1: Mulled Wine

As we approach Yule I thought it fitting to share some of the more festive recipes in my arsenal starting with the classic Mulled Wine (Mull all the things!). Alright, Its not technically a tea but it is a potion.

me. all wrapped up against the cold.

Mulled Wine as we know it, was first recorded as used the by the Romans in the 2nd century. The spices added create the warming flavour and scent we associate with winter celebrations. These spices have magical correspondences; mostly for protection and enlivening, which again aid us in making it through the cold nights of winter and looking ahead to a positive future (the return of the sun and rebirth).

They also have a lot of medicinal properties; winter is a time when our immune systems have to work harder, for our ancestors food would have been scarce. The feasting and making merry around Yule would have given them a health boost as well as lifting the spirits. I’m including some medicinal properties as an example but you can find many of them outlined in my fire cider recipe.

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