New Moon in Capricorn 12th/13th of January

Its the first New Moon of the year! This one is bringing some hardcore transformation and motivational energy for us to work with. perfect for this time of year as we begin to feel the approach of spring and make plans to plant the seeds we will be nurturing; whatever that may be for you.

Capricorn energy is very grounded and hard working. It corresponds with the element of Earth and all things tangible like money and careers (the 10th house). The New Moon’s portal energy brings us an opportunity to bring more of that into our lives but it takes work. Now, I’m not a new years resolution kind of person, I do that at Yule, but there is no denying that there is a building, transformative energy at this time of year. The daylight hours are increasing as we move towards Imbolc, we feel inclined to look at what we want to achieve in the coming year and lay out steps to do so. This may mean not taking action yet but planning the steps necessary, laying the foundations is certainly a good place to start.

With that in mind, we are also experiencing influences from a close connection to Pluto adding explosive transformational energy to the mix. This feels very positive to me; a chance to bring some of that renewing, vibrant change. I love a good catalyst. Pluto rules the 8th house which is all about seeking balance. It also corresponds with the element of Water and Cancer/Scorpio which (to me) are the light/dark aspects of Water signs. This is where the sex, emotions, death, renewal and flowing vibes come from. So, now is a fabulous time to identify where you want to make changes, especially spiritually, seek balance and get it.

Now is the time to be ambitious about what you want for yourself this year in terms of career, money, balance, sex, growth and all aspects of change and transformation. However Capricorn reminds us to be realistic about it (that doesn’t mean aim low), to be aware that we will have to but in the work so be careful what you wish for. Transformation, rebirth and growth are uncomfortable processes; there has to be death before rebirth, sacrifices will be made.

Photo by Logan Kirschner on Pexels.com Turtles are one of my favourite symbols of rebirth. You have to bust out of your comfort zone and face some peril to begin your journey.

Ask yourself what areas in your life would benefit some radical, positive change. Picture it as present tense. Ask yourself honestly, how do you feel? Who are you? How did you get there? What needed to change to get you there? Then make a list of the (realistic) changes you need to make and get to work. what needs to released and what needs attention in order to achieve balance. If your not sure what it is/how to achieve it then look to your divinations.

When working with New Moon energy we are working with manifesting energy. The important things to remember when manifesting are; to be sure you want something for the right reasons, be aware that you will have to be bold in accepting opportunity and chasing your dreams. Most of all ,be grateful for all that you do have going for you. Start from a place of gratitude and build on it.

To Sum Up

The New Moon in Capricorn and its close connection to Pluto at this time brings an opportunity to manifest big, explosive transformations in our lives. Capricorn reminds us to be realistic in that we will have to work for it. Sacrifices need to be made in order to make space for all the awesome expansions to come. Be bold about your ambitions and expect to have to work for them. Identify what you want by the end of the year now, and ask for it. You already have the power to be whoever and whatever you want. reinvent yourself if you want. Start the process now!

You can find a basic New moon ritual here. Also, If you want to know more about manifesting/ cosmic ordering here is an older piece on one of my experiences. If you haven’t done much work with manifesting give it a try. Especially now.

I hope you are feeling as buzzed as I am right now about all the potential this year has. I will be harnessing this energy to work on my self identity. I let go of a lot last year. Did a lot of shadow work. This year I am working towards rewilding myself, stepping into my power and showing up for myself the way I do for others. I have healed some old wounds and made some space, Now I get to fill the space with awesomeness.

What are you working towards this year? I’d like to open more dialogues with others so hit me up in the comments below.

Have a powerful Day, peace out witches!

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