Defining Divination

The art, practice or gift of discerning or discovering future events or unknown things, as though by supernatural powers.


There are many forms and tools of divination including but not limited to: Tarot Cards/Oracle Cards , palmestry, dowsing (with crystals or sticks), runes of any material, scrying (in water, mirrors or crystal balls), tasseography (the reading of tea leaves) and ornithomancy (divination from the actions of birds)

I am practiced in tarot, dowsing and palmestry though I actually read people empatheticly through palms rather than following an exact methodology known to some. I am currently exploring runes and beginning to familiarise myself with them for use in my own practice. But why?

Divination is the art of seeking answers. It’s more about a current situation or challenge. Some people see it only as a form of ‘fortune telling’.

Now, don’t get me wrong the ancient practice of fortune telling has been invaluable in Pagan practices and one of the ways witches can make a living for themselves. However it’s not all about meeting a tall, handsome stranger. It’s about seeking ways to overcome the challenges in our lives and to seek knowledge of the path they are on/should be on.

Whenever I am approached to read cards for people I always feel it my duty to tell them “the cards can only tell you what you already know”. Which, even in my own practice can be frustrating e.g

Me:how do I achieve my goal without doing the thing?

My cards: you have to do the thing!

Me: For fuck sake! What happens if I do the thing?

My cards: it will be hard, it will lead to more hard things but in the end you will be happy because you will have grown and learnt from doing the thing.

Me: gods damn it! Fine I’ll do the thing!

Divination tools can also used to enhance spell work and intention by harnessing the particular qualities of a card, rune etc by adding them to your intention, carrying them with you or focusing on the qualities a particular rune/card etc represents, bringing that energy into your life and practice. This also helps familiarise yourself with deeper meanings and build a releationship of your chosen tool.

My daily spread. Card for the day, what to look out for, what to attend to.

To sum up, divination is an art form used to help you follow the path you are meant to be on, offer guidance and advice and help identify and overcome challenges and obstacles.

What tools do you use for divination? As always if you have any questions hit me up in the comments or e-mail me at

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Peace out witches!

Love Kate xxx


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