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Working with The Moon

Working with the lunar cycle not only enhances the strength of your craft. It’s also a good way to actively reflect on your progression to your goals. What are you aiming for? How is it going? What do you need to let go of in order to move forward? What could you do/use to grow and move forward?

In spellcraft, working with the lunar cycles is again, very potent. As the moon is waxing (moving from new to full), magic which focuses on drawing things to you will be stronger. This is a time to manifest and push forward. A time to create and follow the path you are on.

When the moon is waning (moving from full to new) magic which focuses on releasing and banishing negativity from your life will be stronger. Now is the time to identify and remove what is no longer serving your purpose and direction.

The days where the moon is full or dark: both energies are in play. These are powerful days for transformation, harnessing the energy of these days and carrying them with you will benefit whatever you are aiming to achieve. It is also a great time to practice divination.

Rituals and Practice.

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