Working with The Moon.

Working with the lunar cycle not only enhances the strength of your craft. It’s also a good way to actively reflect on your progression to your goals. What are you aiming for? How is it going? What do you need to let go of in order to move forward? What could you do/use to grow and move forward?

In spellcraft, working with the lunar cycles is again, very potent. As the moon is waxing (moving from new to full), magic which focuses on drawing things to you will be stronger. This is a time to manifest and push forward. A time to create and follow the path you are on.

When the moon is waning (moving from full to new) magic which focuses on releasing and banishing negativity from your life will be stronger. Now is the time to identify and remove what is no longer serving your purpose and direction.

The days where the moon is full or dark: both energies are in play. These are powerful days for transformation, harnessing the energy of these days and carrying them with you will benefit whatever you are aiming to achieve. It is also a great time to practice divination.

Rituals and Practice.

My personal rituals at this time are 3 fold (aha that number):

First I prepare and cleanse. I gather all my crystals and anything else I feel needs cleansing and place them on the window sill where the moon can shine on them (or not shine if its a dark moon). I put a bowl of water out to bless with the moons energy, I store this for later use. I tidy and redress my alter so that it represents my purpose including the elements and anything specific to my goals, deitys and current workings. This is all done with intention. I tell my crystals etc what I am doing. I ask that the water be blessed. I speak the intention of each object I place on my alter. Ideally I clean my room/home and myself (honestly, in today’s busy life, how much I achieve here depends on what day of the week it is and how much time I have)


Secondly, I light the candles and incense on my alter and add any offerings. I meditate and reflect. I use my journal to get my thoughts in order and identify what needs to be done. I use my Tarot to guide me if I need to, often placing the cards that reveal themselves on my alter. I prepare whatever extra bits I need for my ritual or spell. This could be enough for your ritual. The most important part of manifesting/ cosmic ordering, is identifying and clearly stating what you want.

Finally, I begin my ritual. Having cast my circle, I call upon the elements to aid me. I call upon the Goddess and Ancestors to guide me. I name any other deities or energy I am using and ask for their assistance. I draw down the energy of the moon into myself. (more on this to come)

Depending on what state my life is in my rituals differ slightly, whether I am releasing or drawing energies to me.

To Release


  • A fireproof bowl or dish (I use my cauldron)
  • 3 slips of paper or 3 dried leaves bay leaves are perfect.
  • A pen, a marker if using leaves.

Having identified through my reflections 3 things I want to release (it can be more or less but 3 is traditional). I write each of them on a slip of paper or leaf.

Focus on what you want to be released, picture how you will be and feel after it is gone. Speak allowed what you release and burn it in the fire allowing it to be carried away from you. Put it in the bowl (cauldron) to burn through completely before doing the next one.

If you’re outside you could light a fire and throw the paper/leaves into it or release them into a river, stream or ocean to be carried away. If you’re inside, always make sure you have a window open so the energies can leave. Otherwise you’ll be trapping them in the room with you.

Give thanks and do whatever you do to end your ritual. Close the circle. Take the ashes outside and scatter them on the earth or into living water.

To draw energy to you and manifest your dreams.

You could adapt the above ritual swapping the things to be released for wishes or you can do the following:

The view down river from my tree.


  • 3 coins, nuts or seeds.
  • 3 pieces of paper or leaves
  • A bowl of earth or if you’re outside something to dig a little hole with and a little dug hole. (you could also use a body of water if outside)
  • A pen.

I begin as before: setting up my space, and reflecting before casting my circle. I identify 3 things I am grateful for and 3 things I feel I need in order to grow and move towards my goal.

For each thing you are grateful, speak it aloud and press a coin into the bowl/hole.

Write each thing you are asking for on a piece of paper/leaf and (roll it up. If it’s paper) press it into the earth standing it up. Picture yourself achieving and succeeding with these gifts. Fill in the hole (if you are outside) too.

Give thanks and do whatever you do to end your ritual. Close your circle. At your nearest convenience. Take the bowl outside, dig a little hole and bury the contents in the earth.

There are many other lunar rituals and spells out there, these are just two I like. What lunar rituals do you do. Hit me up in the comments below.

Peace out witches and blessed be.

Love Kate xxx