Full Moon in Aquarius 23rd/24th of July

Apologies Darlings, I’m a little behind in writing this up because…well, life I guess. You can tap into Full Moon and New Moon energies for around 3 days, with the peak being in the middle so I am not too late in getting to it. I tend to feel these energies more intensely just before the peak time and do my rituals when things have calmed down and I better understand them. This Moon is in Aquarius and also just as the Sun has moved into Leo bringing with it some intense shifts.

Aquarius energy is all about making waves. The wavy symbols for Aquarius are believed to represent something more like electricity, sound or brain waves, that which brings about change. Another symbol is the ‘water bearer’: A pot overflowing with an abundance of life giving water, pouring out and creating splashes and ripples. Aquarius is ruled by the element of Air, not water. So, rather than being all about the feely feels, it’s about thought, ideas, wishes and communication. She rules the 11th house which hold dominion over social groups, friendships and networking. Aquarius energy is inspirational and communicative. Sometimes too logical and detached, they are good problem solvers but that can be challenging as they want to solve every problem they are faced with. There is also an element of perfectionism.

Full Moon’s are for releasing what no longer serves, Aquarius asks what has been holding you back from making those waves? What mindsets, old patterns or views have been keeping you where you are instead of growing and thriving? Perhaps it is being too logical or detached or not detached enough? Are you too close to a problem to be objective in solving it? Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, it brings an element of originality, creativity and change. Like a bolt of lightning can clear the air (god’s we need a proper storm here in the UK), it can also ignite a fire. What I love about Aquarius is that catalytic, high juice, energy. It transforms the elemental energies into something else, something more.

Photo by Raychel Sanner on Pexels.com

We are now in the height of Summer, it’s too hot to work but, with Lughnasadh just around the corner we are beginning to think about harvesting. What have you been working towards that is coming to fruition? How is it doing? Is there anything that needs tweaking a little or even a lot? What challenges have you been faced with in the past few days leading up to this moon? What is calling for change or release? For me it is still communicating. Or rather communicating differently, perhaps with a more Aquarian detached edge. This is hard for me as I am a highly emotional person but with practice, patience and time I’m getting better at it. Remember, the words we say to ourselves are as important as those we say to others. Communicating with ourselves, our spirit and our bodies allows us to determine what our needs are and ensure they are met. Ideally, through positive communication (ideally).

On top of all this creative, transformnational juice, we have just moved into Leo season (Raaaaar) bringing with it all that active, confident, fieriness. Leo is loud, bold and heart lead. Adding these two together is a fucking force. Whatever has been holding you back, now is the time to let that shit go and move forwards with bravery. Get what you want, make those changes. What is stopping you? Self-doubt? let that shit go. People pleasing? Not gonna serve you. Making yourself small for the comfort of others? No longer an option. Letting your emotions make a mess of your shit? Time to check in with yourself and evaluate where those feelings are coming from. If you don’t like where you are at, start making changes now, the more creative and out of the box, the more bold, the better.

There as an aspect of knowing where your energy is being spent with Aquarius. Is it on shit that lights you up or drains you? What do you want to put more energy into? It has to be directed from somewhere; which is where releasing comes in. By clearing away what no longer serves we free up energy to go elsewhere. This is also why forgiveness is so important. Holding onto old wounds, patterns and triggers takes energy. Beating yourself up for past makes and living in fear of them takes more. Re-directing it into something more positive is so healing. We give away so much of our energy and therefor our power. Now is a great time to call it back to you (I have a spell for that here). Put your energy into yourself, don’t share with it with people or doing things that leave you feeling drained and crap. “But Kate, what if I start saying no to shit and people don’t like that? What if it hurts their feelings?” IT’S YOUR ENERGY! YOU DECIDE HOW IT IS BEST SPENT! If you need me to shout supportively at you about this, feel free to get in touch or you can read this rant on self care. Or this one on boundaries. Or this one on confidence vs arrogance. Actually, just go over to the rantings section and see what jumps out. I have an aggressive form of supportive writing (and I like it).

To Sum up

So, This Full Moon Aquarius is calling for us to release whatever has been boxing us in and preventing us from moving forwards. What aspects of your life need a little more juice and what has been draining you? As the moon moves from full to waxing it is time to make some waves and let go of what no longer serves. The Sun in Leo is here to support that change from a heart centred but also ballsy AF place. As ever I will be posting more content to support you over on my Instagram so check that out. Personally I will be doing a Leo ritual bath along with my other Full Moon rituals to give myself a bit more confidence and self support and empower me to make some waves from a place of highest love and purpose not from triggers.

You got this!

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Peace Out Witches ✌

Love Kate xxx


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