Ritual Baths and Showers

I mentioned ritual Baths in a full moon post recently and then realised some people might not know what that is. So, here we go 😊

Like many daily tasks in our lives, it only takes a bit of focus to add intention and create ritual; from stirring your tea to washing your body. The body is the vessel that carries your essence. Like a good pair of boots it can become neglected, tarnished and then fall apart on you (you don’t want that!) I’m not a ‘my body is a temple’ kinda woman. I abuse it often but do try to balance it with some self care.

Bathing is a great way to do this. Rather than the daily: in-clean-out system that we have most days, creating a ritual offers time to check in with yourself and re-align what’s out of place. Using bathing as a ritual uses the element of water (duh) which rules our emotions and sense of self. Much like grounding, we can use bathing to change our energy and welcome new energy. This, in turn, will support you in achieving success. Below is my method for a bath and a shower (for those of us that don’t have the luxury of a bath or time for one) I like to do this before other rituals and also as and when I need. Being half Cancerian, working with water, particularly when I feel like I’m being ruled by emotions too much, or affected by others is very effective for me.

A Ritual Bath

Ingredients for spicy protection bath

Creating a ritual bath involves a little prior preparation:

  • First of all identify what your intention is, be it relaxing, cleansing (your energy, not just your body), instilling self love or something more nuanced like attracting abundance, protection, luck, love etc.
  • Then, source ingredients that support that intention. I use a combination of herbs (for representations you could use the list on my smoke cleanse post here), crystals, colour in the form of candles, and incense.
  • Mix the herbs, a handful of good salt and crystals in a big bowl, focus and speak your intention over the ingredients. you ay want to ask for the assistance of any deities you’re working with, ancestors etc.
  • Stir clockwise (doesil) for drawing/manifesting and anti-clockwise (widdershins) for releasing/banishing.
  • When I’m ready I pour myself a glass of wine (because, why the fuck not. I’m being decadent) light the candles and incense and run the bath. make sure you have everything you need in the bathroom at this point, clean towel etc
  • Cast a circle around your bath (the second method describes here is probably easiest)
  • Put your crystals around the edge of the bath. Add the herbs and salt from the bowl, stirring as before and repeating the same intention. If you work with a deity ask them to bless the water with your intention.
  • Add any other ingredients like essential oils (do your research not all are body safe), bath bombs, bubbles, milk, oats (in a clean sock or muslin are amazing for skin complaints), the blood of your enemies… go mad its your bath, your ritual.
  • Then hop in 😊
  • While in the bath, spend a little time settling in, meditating and regulating breathing etc. I like to visualize all the crap and negativity sloughing off my skin and soul leaving me all shiny. If you work with chakras you could place your crystals on the appropriate points. Focus on your intention and picture what ever that would look like coming to fruition.
  • But that’s not all, oh no! When your done, get out of the bath dry yourself in a clean towel, put on fresh Pj’s, dressing gown etc or just be naked if that’s your vibe (I live in a cold AF house share, full of dudes who probably wouldn’t appreciate non-consensual flashing so I wear a bat kigu).
  • Remove the plug and picture all that crap (if your doing a cleanse) spiraling down the drain. Take a moment to visualize yourself all shiny with your intention, empowered, glowing. Thank your deities/ancestors/spirits for their assistance and close the circle.
  • Rinse out the bath, collect any spent herbs and put them outside with an offering to give thanks for the assistance you have achieved.
  • I like to practice some extra self care after; another glass of wine, give myself a pedicure, moisturize, anoint myself with oils that add to my intention write down any messages that came to me in my journal, dance around my room with the dog… what ever floats your boat.
Relaxing lighting is not great for phone photos.

Ritual Shower

for a ritual shower the setting up part is the same except you wont be soaking in your bath potion (obviously).

  • Instead of putting the herbs etc. in a bowl, I brew them up in a pot adding intention, strain into the biggest jug I can find allow it to cool, this will be a rinse at the end of your shower.
  • I like to make a scrub that matches my intention too: For intentions that involve removing or banishing I make a salt scrub: you can add essential oils (do your research some oils are too harsh for use on the skin), olive oil, almond oil herbs etc. or just a handful good quality salt. For intentions that draw or gather something to you, sugar scrubs are great, They are also a little gentler on dry skin. Again ,you can add extra herbs and ingredients to fit your intention. Another good scrub base is used coffee grounds; great for energizing, empowering and amplifying. If your short on time you can just use your usual, sponge, loofah, husbands beard 😉
  • Set up like you would with a bath put your crystals and candles out. Make sure you have everything you will need before casting a circle, then hop in
  • As the water falls on you, imagine it being made of light; washing the crap away and down the plug hole. Use your scrub if you’ve made one, and speak your intention as you scrub your body; head-to-toe for banishing, toe-to-head for receiving/drawing.
  • Visualize your intention coming to fruition.
  • When you’ve rinsed off the scrub and feel ready to get out. Turn off the shower and pour your cooled (not cold!) potion over yourself speaking your intention as you do.
  • Follow the steps above for giving thanks and winding down as with a bath.

So, there you are; bath and showers as rituals; another way of adding intention to your everyday life. They don’t have to be instagram perfect… but they will be beautiful and most importantly powerful. I might upload recipes for specific intentions if you guys would find that useful or hit me up in the comments below, message me on social media, I’m here for you.

*I’m a one witch show. so, If you want to show your support for my work and make a donation hit the button below. Any and all support is gratefully received*

Peace out witches✌️

Love Kate xxx


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