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Samhain Rituals

I could write about Samhain for days, in fact I do/have done/am doing now. Along with Beltane it is a incredibly powerful time, where the veil between worlds is at it’s thinnest. The shifting energy is palpable this year. The process of stripping away and letting go all that will not serve feels relentless, I see it in everything. There is so much history and tradition at Samhain for a good reason. Our ancestors know it’s a catalyst for growth. But, it’s not the easy growth my Darlings, not the lively excitement we have in the spring, nor should it be. We are entering the dark part of the year, the Cauldron of transformation and…transformation is uncomfortable. Ritual and spell work at Samhain allows us to engage with those beyond the veil, to seek guidance and support; letting go of what needs to die so we can be reborn. The shadow time is for shadow work. If you can allow yourself to really lean into it with total honesty you can access a greater power for yourself. For wisdom is power. Understanding, appreciating and acknowledging the wisdom of darkness and death takes immense bravery. Facing and loving uncomfortable truths brings us in better alignment with ourselves. We cannot be all love and light if we are to master what must be learnt and step into our power. Embracing the darkness and welcoming it honours the balance. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

For this post I am offering an in depth description of Samhain ‘rites’ along with 2 more advanced rituals for you to work with. This is on a deeper level than my previous post, which I recommend you read first anyway. A word of warning, this work is not for the faint of heart. The more open you can be to it, the more you will receive but we are not always prepared to hear what needs to be heard. Before rebirth there must be death, At Samhain we honour that within and without.

Right! lets do this! It’ll be fun (definitely won’t cause a spiritual awakening and breakthrough that looks a lot like a breakdown,she says nervously). Sign in below to gain access.

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