New Moon and Eclipse in Taurus 30th of April

I am getting this post out sooner rather than later as I have the worlds busiest weekend ahead. Sometimes it still blows my mind when I see the alignment in my life and the astrology. I looked at my diary for this weekend a few weeks back and said “oh, that’s going to be fun”. I’ve got a funeral, a Pirate festival promoting my joyfriend’s hats and a Beltane event I am holding which I am very excited about. Life is beautifully sad, exciting and full all at once. This New Moon kicks off eclipse season with a bang, and right on Beltane too. There is opportunity for big shifts, fresh starts and bringing ourselves into peak alignment with our truest path. Be warned darlings, these events can be intense and chaotic. Eclipse’s bring shake ups and portal energy you can use to your advantage in manifesting. Be mindful, do the work in terms of letting shit that is crumbling go and be open to new opportunities. Follow the path, take every opportunity to ground yourself. There’s a lot going on; lets goooooo!

Taurus holds dominion over the 2nd house; how we feel about and use the material things in life, our physical resources, money and value (including how we value ourselves). Money is an energy, how we view and feel about it impacts how we give and receive that energy. Much like love, which is not surprising as Taurus is ruled by Venus. If you have financial trauma, self doubt and fear around money it can feel like a negative energy that has influence/control over you (not unlike love). If you you can reframe it as an energy you would welcome more of and will use to benefit yourself and others with gratitude; you will find it flow more easily through you into those endeavours. Switch to an abundant mindset by focusing on giving your financial energy (small ways are just as good as big) to things that support your morals and your path. Spend some of it on things that support you in loving yourself. Taurus is abundant energy she is the queen of self-care. Self-care being about making time for yourself, setting boundaries and knowing your worth rather than just facemasks and foot rubs. I mean, face masks and foot rubs are a great place to start though (you can read more on self-care and self-love here).

Taurus brings the creative pursuit of desire and pleasure that comes with Venus energy but from a grounded receptive place creative energy is life force energy (and sexual). She asks us to follow what we feel called to do. Ask yourself, what makes you feel shiny? What stirs your energy? Does it replenish you, or fill you with electricity? These are the area’s you want to lean into. Remember, if it’s not a fuck yeah, its a no!

New Moons are a time for manifesting, combined with the portal energy of the Solar Eclipse and increasing fertility and abundance energy of Beltane; this New Moon is a powerful one for manifesting more of this Taurean energy into our lives. A great time for turning over new leaves, growing into new spaces and starting new projects. Ruled by the element of Earth, Taurus energy is fertile and receptive. She knows what is meant to be for her will be. She has no urge to ‘hustle’ or rush or risk burn out. She makes the most of opportunities to ground herself, tending the efforts of earlier laid plans and ready to be guided into new pastures if the chance comes along. Earth is represented in the Tarot by Pentacles. This New Moon is bringing serious Ace of pentacles energy: divine opportunity to increase ones abundance all of you have to do is be open to receiving it.

Quick tarot practice to support you: shuffle your deck and find the Ace of Pentacles. The card beneath it is what has been holding you back from financial blessings and the one above is it what you should focus on.

The Ace of Pentacles

So, we have the New Moon, Solar Eclipse and Beltane. There are also a bunch of other connections happening adding to this mix. First, there is the ongoing conjunction of Venus (love), Jupiter (ambition and expansion) and Neptune (universal love and depth of psyche) in Pisces. This is bringing an opportunity to shift things into greater alignment with love. This might be about doing the things you love rather than personal relationships but I feel having the first makes the second a great deal easier. There is a sense of wishes coming to true so set your intention and be ready to receive. That being said, when it comes to relationships this connection brings an opportunity to manifest soul connections, shake up how we see relationships and what they are for. Do they serve you? How could they serve you better and vice versa? Do the relationships you have align with the path you want to be on?

Secondly, this New Moon is conjunct Uranus planet of expansion, breaking bonds and freedom. Uranus is the sky but also the stars, he is the life spark, the big bang energy. If you have a new venture you have been thinking about, something you feel inspired or called to do but you hold yourself back for whatever reason (my money is on fear of moving out of comfort zones), now is the time to make a step. Maybe a teeny one, hopefully something ballsy. It may take moving through some discomfort but staying in your comfort zone isn’t comfortable long term when you let opportunity pass you by. It leads to regret and resentment.

Furthermore, Mercury moves into Gemini, his own house. Mercury represents commerce, communication ideas and all things business. It all seems to be speaking to the same energy of positive steps in business, attracting money energy and moving from surviving to thriving.

And finally, just to add some intensity to the mix, Pluto goes retrograde on the 29th. Pluto is Hades, lord of the underworld shadow work and meeting ones potential by embracing all of ourselves (even the dark parts). This retrograde will bring to the surface the areas that do not serve and do not align. Time for some shadow work (yaaaaay). This could feel like a bit of a downer in the mixture of all the increasing, positive energy and that’s fair but it can’t all be sunshine and rainbows darlings. To welcome the new we must make space for it by clearing out the old. This is often uncomfortable…painful even but it’s for the best. If something is coming to and end, let it fall away. Look ahead to new things and what you want for yourself. Be Brave, change is scary but that is how you get to where you want to go. Follow your heart. Pluto asks us to take a good poke around at how we feel about our power, where it comes from, where we hold back and keep ourselves small for the comfort of others or to fulfil some role we think we have to. Is the social conditioning what holds you back? Have you ever considered why you are on the path you are on and if it is what you want?

To Sum Up

This New Moon is bringing opportunity for big (like life changing…huge) positive changes. The Solar Eclipse and connections with other planets adds potency to manifesting these big changes. An opportunity to really get into alignment. As great as this sounds, (and it does feel like great things are coming) Pluto reminds us that in order to be reborn we must accept the death of some things. Be sure to do the shadow work before setting your intention. Ask yourself what fulfils you? What would bring you greater fulfilment? What steps could you take in that direction? What do want to ask for this New Moon? Maybe opportunity, money, love, connection, creative energy (sex is creative energy too), freedom, a completely new path, a spiritual journey like healing, awakening or stepping into your power?

To connect with this energy lean into your divinations for clarity but I doubt you aren’t already aware what is calling to you, maybe you just haven’t taken time to listen fully. You can find my basic New Moon Ritual here to guide you. I will be doing a luxurious Taurus Ritual Bath for myself, making time to wash my front door and step to welcome in blessings as well as taking every opportunity to ground myself, feel my feelings and do the shadow work.

It’s an intense time but that intensity brings opportunity for great things my Darlings. Anything could happen get ready to receive.

Happy Manifesting and Peace out witches! ✌️

Peace Out Witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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