Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

OK darlings, brace yourselves (if you haven’t been already), Whenever I see a Scorpio Full Moon coming up I know it’s potentially going to be a rough ride. This one being an Eclipse, square with Saturn adds to my feelings of unease. But these are opportunities for growth. Eclipse Season is all about change. Whether you asked for it or not, it comes to bring us into alignment with our highest purpose so you might as well put on your big witch pants, take a deep breath and dive into that shadow work (yes, more fucking shadow work).

Scorpio energy is all about transformation. She is the deepest and darkest of the water signs. Transformation is not a pretty process but it is not meant to be. In order for there to be rebirth there must be death. This is where Scorpio thrives; in the acceptance of death and darkness as necessity. There can be no light without dark, one cannot reach their full potential by ignoring the darkness we each have. Look at the story of Hades and Persephone Kora: She was maiden of spring, like many other feminine deities and that’s great I guess. However, Hades showed her she could be so much more if she embraced her darkness. Now she is maiden of spring and Queen of the underworld the duality of which is so much more powerful she is life and death personified. Scorpio comes to show us our own dark feminine. We spend so much of our lives pushing down emotions we deem as ‘negative’ when in fact emotions are neither positive nor negative. They are simply messages that something needs to change. A boundary crossed, a disrespect allowed, an advantage taken. Why though? Because we want to keep the peace? Stay in our comfort zones?
This is not all you can be, all you are meant to be. Your full potential is found in accepting all of you. There is a call for the dark feminine to awaken. To recognise our rage as sacred and allow it to fuel the fires of change. To say “I’m not fucking doing this anymore!”

Full Moons are times for letting go of all that no longer serves. This is intensified by the eclipse. Meaning, the shit that needs to go will be loud. The more you’ve been trying to push it down the more dramatic it is going to be. This could be felt as a ‘bad’ thing drama, shit falling apart, fallings out, endings. If this is resonating with you right now, trust that what is leaving is to make space for greater things. Let it go, with an attitude of good riddance. I talk a big talk but I actually suck at goodbyes and have been known to hold onto shit not meant for me for waaaay too long. So, I put this sentence in my vocabulary “how bad does it need to get before you are ready to let go?”

What toxic attachments do you need to sever? What fears do you need to face in order to do so?

Scorpio holds dominion over the 8th house: sex, deep emotions, transformation, debt, and anything considered taboo. It speaks heavily to that which we would rather keep hidden. This full moon will bring anything that has been bubbling away to the surface. For those who haven’t done the work this could be a surprise/bring the drama; those who have aren’t necessarily going to have an easy time but at least won’t be caught off guard. What ever is coming up for you, ignoring it means risking a repeat of that mess. There is also an element of stepping into ones power in terms of sex and relationships. Again, the transformation that comes from embracing all parts of yourself rather than sticking with that ‘good girl’ energy of doing what we feel we ‘should’ be doing (I loathe the word should you can read a rant on it here)

Black on white graphic. a scorpion surrounded by stars within a moon shape. Text reads: Full Moon in Scorpio and lunar eclipse 15th/16th of May

Adding to this energy is a square between the Sun, Moon and Saturn. Square’s bring conflict that bring rewards once they have been worked through. Saturn energy is all about restraints, responsibilities and boundaries. He is Kronos, father of Zeus who devoured his own children in order to protect himself. He is often thought to represent oppression by the toxic masculine (the patriarchy) and breaking free of it. Seeing as this is a systemic issue in our society, I can think of a bunch of ways this could manifest in the collective. However, though it may tie into that, on a personal level it speaks more to the breaking free from what holds you where you are. Much like the Scorpio energy it asks us to look at what boundaries are real and what are imagined? What do we feel we are responsible for vs what we are actually responsible for? There is a push/pull energy present which leads to conflict and drains energy. The challenge is to do what needs to be done to release it and move forward.

There is a bit of a silver lining in the energies at play with support from Aries (planet of action and war) Neptune (universal love, intuition and feelings) and Jupiter (expansion, breaking free of bonds and inspiration) in the form of a trine with The Moon. Whatever challenges you face, whatever you are leaving behind there are rich rewards on the other side. Perhaps in terms of relationships or life goals. A path in greater alignment lies on the other side. We let go of what no longer serves so that we may fill those spaces with things better suited. Lean into your intuition, be brave enough to speak up for your feelings and take action to free you of perceived bonds that hold you back. This includes limiting self beliefs, old patterns, triggers and trauma bonds.

To Sum Up

There is potential for massive shifts in the form of facing what is making us uncomfortable. The energies at play indicate drama is coming. Likely you are already experiencing it. The things coming to the surface are asking to be released because they do not serve your path. Often we hold onto these things because we are afraid of what will happen if we let go. Scorpio is here to tell you that in order to be reborn, there must first be death. Letting go of old ideals and ideas allows us to embrace who we truly are. Rather than always striving for goodness and toxic love and light beliefs; embrace the shadow parts of yourself, understand what motivates them and choose action.

This is an opportunity to break free from what holds you back but it will take bravery and action. Lean into your intuition and shadow work. Ask yourself the hard questions, deep down you know if something is not serving your best purpose but the act of letting go can feel like the end of the world. It isn’t, on the other side is something far greater.

This is one of those times where you are being asked to be brave not dragon slaying, maiden saving brave; but looking at your demons without looking away brave. Taking responsibility for your path and what you want it to be brave. Be brave enough to let go what no longer serves and be honest with yourself in doing so. You can find my basic Full Moon releasing ritual to support you here.

Personally I do a lot of shadow work, in the form of journaling. I have no doubt I will be called to do a bunch more. I am also intending to do a ritual bath, hold a women’s circle to support the women in my community and I am making plenty of time for grounding. I don’t know what I will have to face but I can choose how I face it.

I’m exhausted by this eclipse season already. Ah well, chin up, tits out, onwards!

I wish an easy ride for you Darlings and a fuck tonne of support.

Peace Out Witches ✌️

Love Kate xxx

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