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Food as Medicine, Folk Magic and Charming the pot.

There is so much dietary advice out there. I promise you this is not another post about treating your body as a temple. Frankly, if you want to do some research on how to better support your system or meet your needs through nutrition, there are many people out there qualified to do just that.

What I want to talk about is the rootsy, kitchen witch view on food and eating and how to bring a bit more of that into your life.

Crumble for self love. Read more below.

Much like the ritual of tea, cooking for yourself and loved ones can be a powerful magic simply by adding intention. For example, think about when you’ve been craving something and you know exactly what it is. This might be because you’re feeling nostalgic ( for me, tuna pasta salad) , menstruating (Thai green curry with lots of green veg) , heartbroken(crumble and ice cream), sick mentally or physically (magic soup) or on a happier note celebratory (steak noodle salad).

You take the time to make it for yourself or a loved recipient and really focus your intention. You’re in the zone. Maybe you’re listening to music or the radio (I listen to a lot of podcasts and radio 4) you use your favourite crockery and actually take some time in presentation. And voilà! It’s so good you want to have sex with yourself in gratitude 😉.

If this sounds familiar you’re already doing it. I simply want to help you increase your power.

Adding Spellcraft to Recipes

There are lots of ways to enhance your kitchen witchery. A recipe can be a spell if it’s working to an intention. So let’s say you’re fighting a cold or caring for a loved one who is: the go to recipe would be a soup. It’s a great way of getting nutrients and fluids into suffering patients.

Please excuse me my vegan and veggie darlings, my go to is a beef soup. We know that making a proper stock with bones is beneficial due to the marrow. It’s high in protein and fats which is great when you’re not able to eat much, it reduces inflammation and eases joint pain. Not to mention its damn tasty. I’m an ‘ethical meat eater’ by the way. All the meat I buy is free range organic and local, which is why I don’t eat it often.

Beef bones boiling away in a giant pot.

Add to this base ingredients which are also known to help remedy a cold: chilli, ginger, a fuck tonne of garlic, onions, some green leafy vegetables. Next, some herbs; sage is an expectorant (helps cough up nasty phlegm), rosemary stimulates the nervous system which is great for lethargy, thyme stimulates white blood cell production and chickweed is a great addition for cleansing the whole body and easing inflammation . I’m a herb geek. I’ll stop. You get the point.

Salt for flavour and to replace minerals lost, black pepper eases aches and boosts the immune system . Finish it off with a squeeze of citrus- more vitamin C, it lightens the soup and again, damn tasty!

To add power to your soup add intention. Focus as you add each ingredient and speak the purpose to each one. Envision the person or yourself being filled with a glow as they drink eat, warming them through, healing empowering their/your body to healing itself. This is a form of love. A friend of mine uses the phrase ‘a pinch of love’ this is what your adding; your energy and love for that person or yourself. I’m a terrible patient but I can admit feeling loved and cared for does help in recovery.

*disclaimer* as always magic is to be used in addition to the usual practices, if someone needs a hospital don’t try to witch it away with soup.

Folk magic

The same can be done with any recipe. Sympathetic magic and colour magic play a big part in folk magic aswell as having a knowledge of their benefits. For example when mending a broken heart (or wooing a happy one). I’d go with a sweet comfort food like a crumble or pie. Red fruits for the heart, sugar is to sweeten psychically as well as physically. I also add spices according to my needs a bit of chilli for courage or passion, cloves for clarity, star anise for protection and banishing negativity, nutmeg to add luck or success. There I go again. The addition of Hawthorn jam could be used as it heals and aids in matters of the heart, or rosehips for beauty and love. Top it with Almonds for self-love. You can mark it with hearts and sigils to add extra intention. I love a bit of pie art.


Charming The Pot

I did mention in my post about tea but I’ll add it here too. The tools you use in your kitchen are as sacred as your alter tools. Blessing each as you recieve them (or now if you haven’t ever thought about) and treating them with love and respect adds to their power. You could even set up a little kitchen alter. I mark my tools with their purpose either by decorating permanently with pyrography or secretly with oils. I use sigils (more to come on these) or literally writing words in oil with my finger before I begin cooking. For example my favourite pot was blessed with the words.

Hecate, bless this pot with love, creativity and power.

May it provide healing and abundance for me and mine.

*Whenever I work a specific deity I am always sure to honor them with offerings suited to them regularly*
My favourite spoon. I use pyrography to mark them before blessing them.
They also make excellent house warming gifts.

Another tip is to consider if your intention is to banish something like sickness or manifest/gift /create something like protection. By stirring the pot in the correct direction anticlockwise (widdershins) or clockwise (doesil) you add extra strength to your craft.

To sum up, the kitchen is a powerful place. By being mindful and conscious in why we are creating something and focusing on the purpose, we can add strength and power to our own lives and support the lives of loved ones. Many folk magic traditions start in the kitchen (think of the tradition of throwing spare salt over your left shoulder), but that is a post for another time.

I hope you’ve found this post useful. As always I’d love to hear of any specific traditions or recipes you use. Hit me up in the comments.

Peace out witches!

Love Kate xxx

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