Full ‘Blue moon’ in Aquarius 22nd of August

The 'blue' full moon in Aquarius brings another chance to harness the catalytical energy and release what no longer serves us. This time around there are other energies at play leading us to break throughs in healing our mindsets and relationships.


New Moon in Cancer 9/10th of July

The Sun is already in Cancer and the New moon is joining it. Expect to feel all the feely feels coming up. But fear not, feelings are wisdom they are there to show us what needs to be changed. you can read the full write up of the energy of this new moon and guidance to support you in making the most of it over on the blog.

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Litha Rituals

Litha is almost here. A celebration of high summer and the ripening of plans laid and worked upon in spring. The time for celebrating all you have achieved and ask for blessings for future success. Included are 4 Rituals to harness the energy of the sun and midsummer and bring it's virility into your life.

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An Ancestral Healing Ritual

This is a personal ritual I used to begin healing my ancestral trauma and embrace my shadow self. It is powerful, moving and only recommended when you feel you are ready.

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Tea Time! A Brew for Restful Sleep and Clear Messages

Its Tea Time Tuesday (a new thing I'm trying out). I use tea so much in my practice. It's probably the easiest way to access the medicinal and magical properties of herbs. The making of it is a ritual all in itself. You can read more about that here. *please always do your own research… Continue reading Tea Time! A Brew for Restful Sleep and Clear Messages