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I Am Spilling the Tea. Alternative Title-1 witch’s journey into her personal underworld.

I have been on quite the journey this year Darlings (more like the past 3). I didn’t want to blast it on my social media while I was in the middle of it all but if you’ve been following me over there you will have noticed some changes. Now that things have settled down, I feel ready to talk about it on here. It’s also a good way for me to reflect upon it and move past it. Putting it here and leaving it here. Not as gossip but because I know others will be embarking on the same journey, facing the same trials, and I want to share what I have learned. That being said it is very, very juicy. I’m putting it behind a paywall because it is obviously all very personal, but I’ll give you a little taste now to wet your appetite.

This is the (very long) story of how making a simple statement about standing up for myself lead me to 2 years of deep shadow work, dismantling the internalised misogyny within myself, healing centuries of ancestral trauma, getting married then ending that marriage, finding my divine feminine, healing my masculine, accepting my polyamory, bisexuality and neurodivergence and starting a sapphic cult. sign up below to read the full story.

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I believe knowledge should be free. However, I also need to make a living. In order for me to be able to continue providing content, I have to strike a balance between the two. Which is why some of my content is subscription only. You can sign up to receive ‘witching content’ below which gives access to a plethora of spells, recipes and rituals. You can also receive all of these direct to your inbox as if by magic (ah puns) and support me in continuing to do what I love-Sharing my knowledge with you Darlings!


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