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An Ancestral Healing Ritual

I have been working on healing my ancestral trauma over the past year or so. This is not a journey to be taken lightly, nor is it one you should force. This work will be worthwhile only if you are ready. How will you know you’re ready? When you have already done work on healing your own wounds, taken responsibility for your part to play in each trauma and forgiven yourself and others for what happened. For me it was when I recognised the trickle down path of trauma: I behaved/behave in X way because Y was triggered, I have that trigger because of Z experience, I experienced that because of this persons trigger and trauma. And so on and so forth. I knew I was ready when I could accept that my aggressors weren’t capable of doing better, they were just acting out of their own generational curse/ancestral trauma. When you feel you can examine these patterns from a place of forgiveness and not blame you might be ready.

I have a rant from a while ago on generational curses. This may be a good place to start to determine where you are on your journey. I highly recommend seeking therapy too. In fact, I think everyone would benefit from professional help every couple of years. We carry so much around with us.

If you feel you are ready to take this step on your journey sign in below for my personal experience and ritual instructions. A word of warning. This is intense, painful and potentially dangerous work. Only do this ritual when you feel safe to and know in yourself that you are ready. You will need space for self-care afterwards. Please read the whole ritual before you decide to go ahead.

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Blessed be and peace out!

Love Kate xxx


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