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Corn Silk

It’s sweetcorn season! Not only is it very tasty but (if you buy the whole stuff) it comes with free medicine.

Sweetcorn is a hybrid of maize *Zea Mays* and the hairy tufts just inside the leaves are known as Corn Silk. It is easy to dry for later use, simply hang it in a warm sunny spot for a couple of days.

Corn Silk and UTI’s

Corn Silk tea has many benefits; I use it mostly for cystitis relief as its something I’ve suffered from since childhood. There are over the counter options however I dislike the taste (with a child’s intolerance and hatred) and the expense so having a store of this spindly delight for when I need it is definately worth it. Corn Silk works because it is a diuretic meaning it increases urine production, its beneficial for any urinary complaints, prevents kidney stones It has a very mild flavour and when mixed with other herbal remedies like Cleavers it is very effective.

Cleavers, corn silk and nettle infusion.

*disclaimer* I am not a doctor if symptoms persist do go and see one. Untreated UTI’s can lead to serious complications.

Additional benefits of Corn Silk

  • High in vitamin C
  • High in Vitamin K
  • Mildly anti bacterial and soothing so can be used topically to clean wounds, scrapes and insect bites

Additional Warning : Corn Silk is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

So there you are, a by product of sweet corn, easy to dry and store for later use and it tastes a whole lot better than nasty arse cranberry juice.

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Peace Out Witches!

Love Kate xxx


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