Spirits, Ancestors, Ghosts and ‘Demons’

With Halloween just around the corner we turn our attention to the spirit realm. Now is a good time to clarify what I mean by spirits.

As a witchling I was taught there were three kinds of spirits. What others may call ‘ghosts’ is included within these, though I don’t call them that. Personally, I do not see them as a manifestations (without enhancing substances). I do however feel them, and with focus I can determine their intent.

Types of spirits

  1. Echoes in time. These are the common ‘ghosts’ often white ladies etc doomed to walk the same corridors. I was taught that these are in fact not entities but like a type of energy scar left when something truly harrowing or magnificent has happened. The energy was so great that it left a print on our realm.
  2. Known spirits. Entities with a purpose, perhaps they have unfinished business, perhaps they are ancestors or. They can be malevolent but are more likely benevolent they are self aware. This includes ‘The Beloved Dead’, Ancestors and deities (goddesses/gods
  3. Unknown spirits. These are spirits that are more likely to be malevolent; some have been long forgotten by their family and therefore receive no attention or offerings, some are lost and have been wondering and some were never people at all or have been stuck so long that the have forgotten. Also know as the Hungry Dead and demons (if you’re into that).

The last catagory is the one to be concerned about. When communing with the dead it is important to protect yourself (more on this to come) and know what you are doing you wouldn’t want to open a door you didn’t know how to close. I was also taught that the latter catagory are likely to lie in order to keep your attention. Pretending to be your Great Aunt Susan only to gain for themselves. But they are not all melevolent, spirits which reside in places and the fae would also fall into this catagory. All should be treated with respect and care.


When we talk of Ancestors we are referring to the spirits who guide us on our path. They are linked to us by genealogy, place, interest and experience. You may know their names, you may not. As a witch you are connected to the other witches who came before you whether you met them or not. You can ask them for advice and guidance. They love and protect us and help us to seek and walk our path. In my personal practice, I give thanks to my ancestors daily with the following chant:

I give you thanks for all you do, for obstacles and smooth roads too.

For challenges that make me grow, and all the special things that show

that you are looking out for me.

I thank you Ancients.

Blessed be.

Ancestor worship is common across so many cultures. One thing that is often talked about is the honouring of one’s ancestors.

For me this means not only making them proud with my choices and actions but also working on my spiritual self with the knowledge that I will be an ancestor to future generations.

We are linked together by using our spirituality and gifts to heal ancestral hurts. By working on ourselves towards a spiritual goal with the learning and positive growth we seek to achieve; we nurture a positive outcome, leading us to being beneficial, wise ancestors to future generations.

I could talk about Ancestors so much more. I might write them their own article at some point. For now I just wanted to define them among the other spirits.

Do you work with spirits? Have any frequent visitors? Hit me up in the comments below.

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Stay protected and Peace out witches!

Love Kate xxx


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