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Abracadabra! the power of words.

WORDS HAVE POWER!!! A big part of setting intention is carefully choosing the right words. You want to leave no room for confusion. But it’s not just in those moments of careful practice. The right words here and there or carelessness with them affects absolutely everything you do.

In life the words we use shape everything. Your relationships, self esteem, success, failings, wishes, goals, support (or ill wishes) this is spellcraft.

From the mothers loving words when she tells you to take care on your way, the friend who wishes you safe travels, the affirmations you say to yourself and the long conversations deep into the night where you put the world’s to right. Our reality is shaped by the words we speak.

Words in spellcraft

There are many ways we use words in witchcraft. Some people prefer rhyming couplets. Personally, although I see the appeal in ritual, I end up over thinking the rhyming bit and risk ended up with unclear intentions. I’m a blunt person (I possess all the subtlety of a brick to the face and I have learnt to embrace it). I speak plainly.

I do use chants regularly and the rhyming helps me remember them. A great source of these is in the craft compendium by (full review to follow). Repeating chants and affirmations is a powerful magical tool. One I use everyday on my journey to work is:

Bless me Goddess on this day,

Help me as I work and play,

to reflect your beauty now,

lend me strength and please allow, this day to be all it should be,

in love I ask this,

blessed be

I also give thanks to my ancestors daily for their gifts and guidance.

One of the most common sentances in spellcraft is ‘as I will it, so mote it be’ (or an adaptation of this) this closes the spell. The other elements of your ritual add to the setting of intention, request and offering; But the last part is what sends it out.

Words whispered over brews tell them their purpose.

‘Abracadabra’ actually means ‘I create as I speak’ and was often used as a talisman or sigil. (more on sigils to come) written in descending order to drive away bad energy or ascending to draw luck to you.

The power lies in the drawing and writing of sigils, the energy you put into creating them. Much as when you speak spells aloud you have to put energy into them. Focus your intention. Once it’s out there you can’t take it back. With this in mind it’s important to be aware of the words you speak to others and most importantly yourself.

Everyday practice

If you use toxic language of failure. You will fail. If you constantly complain you will not feel cheerful. Reframing is something people, especially people with a psychology background talk about. One of my big pushes at the moment is to say thank you instead of apologising, (of course apologising is important and fucking hard sometimes I’m referring to the hundreds of times we say sorry a day when it’s unnecessary).

It takes away shame and gives you back your power, For example, instead of ‘sorry I’m late’ try ‘thank you for waiting And a personal one for me: ‘thank you for listening’ rather than ‘sorry for ranting’.

Mantras and affirmations are also important. One of my favourites, I share it often when I need to feel empowered or when I’d like to empower others in the face of adversity is: CHIN UP, TITS OUT, ONWARDS! this was originally given to me by my mother (wise without formal practice) and I tend to shout it. Another is: I am safe, I am loved, I am protected. This is useful when feeling threatened or scared.

Other ways we use words is in the power of using someone/somethings whole name, and hexing but these are subjects for another time.

Be careful (even the word careful holds powerful meaning) with your words for your own sake and for others. Words have power.

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Peace out witches.

Love Kate xxx