Defining ‘Intention’

So far, I’ve found this a very hard definition to write. Despite it being something that runs through every factor of my life (probably why it’s so hard, because it’s so multi-facited). I will give it my best shot.

Anything can be done with intent. For me it means taking the time to focus on what you want to achieve and putting it into words. In doing so you put more of your energy into achieving it. Therefore the ‘intention’ aspect, is the words you put together to manifest an outcome.

Some people call it ‘the power of positivity’ or ‘cosmic ordering’ . It exists across many religions and beliefs. In my personal craft, I call it intention. It’s like writing a list when you go shopping; you have a general idea what you need but without a list you end up with some of what you went in for, and lots of other random things too. If you write a list you will be more likely to get what you need and then some extras.

The next factor is; you are voicing it so the Goddess/gods/ universe can understand exactly what you are asking for. Perhaps you are asking for help? Perhaps you are adding your own power? For example, when cooking you can add wishes for the people consuming it. Like a magic potion.

An old folk charm I know does this with bay leaves. For example, one for good health, one for peace of mind and one for happiness. You speak it to each leaf as you add it to the pot.

Bay leaves in a stew for a friend. One for physical healing. One for rest. One for emotional healing.

Some people refer to this as ‘charming’. I use a slightly more complex method of intention to create charms (more like talismans) but it’s a good way to explain it. So, to charm an object, you give it purpose. First of all focusing on what you want it to do/bring. Picture it happening. Then, choose the right words. Using present tense makes intentions stronger as its bringing it into the present (obvious right) when I put my shoes on in the morning I say to them “with these shoes I walk myself into opportunity”

I also use intention in my spell work (making it rhyme isn’t inportant to me but to some people it is). Sigils (more on these later), mantras, daily activities e.g showering, giving my tangled mane some love etc, making remedies, cleaning the house and giving gifts.

To sum up. Using intention means to focus your desires and put them into words. Words have power.

A word (ha!) of warning

You should chose your words carefully and try to keep them positive. They can bring as much as harm as good if you are careless with them.

As I will it. It is so.

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Peace out witches!

Love Kate xxx


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