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Tea Time! A Brew for Restful Sleep and Clear Messages

Its Tea Time Tuesday (a new thing I’m trying out). I use tea so much in my practice. It’s probably the easiest way to access the medicinal and magical properties of herbs. The making of it is a ritual all in itself. You can read more about that here.

*please always do your own research on ingredients, although I am careful not to include herbs that could have adverse affects combined with other medications and conditions, without warning. I am not a doctor*

Seeing as we are in the cauldron time, the most profitable time to engage in shadow work; I wanted to share with you some of the recipes I use to support my own practice.

This recipe is designed to encourage clear messages in dreams but also to relax and promote restful sleep. Dream and Astral work is intense but incredibly insightful. By communicating directly with our sub-conscious (or shadow self) we can access new knowledge and gain a better understanding of where to focus our energy in the waking hours.

With this brew, we are not aiming for full on Lucid dreaming (I will be posting recipes to support that later if you’re interested) believe me, it can be very draining and a bit jarring. This potion aims more to dip your toe, as it were.

If you don’t have a pretty teapot you can brew it up in a jug and strain it into your favourite cup. Though I would highly recommend looking for a teapot you love for ritual/self care purposes.

My favourite tea pot.

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