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Tea Time Tuesday (on a day that is not Tuesday, Has she gone mad?!) a brew for empowerment, support and self care.

Greetings Witches! you will notice this weeks Tea Time Tuesday is coming to you on a day other than Tuesday. This is because my routine and schedule have been thrown off by the dreaded Christmas. I work with children, christmas is important to them and their families. I try to instil some heathen traditions upon them but essentially we end up doing christmas shit. Fair, most of it is Pagan AF anyway.

We do Yule in our house. We will be bringing in the green this Saturday and lighting fires etc however we still engage in the non-christian bits of christmas that living in the UK entails. This year with the bullshit of a global pandemic and lockdowns adding to the usual mass-consumer nightmare of ‘make christmas extra special this year’. I was really hoping people would go the other way and be a bit more fucking grateful for what they have and what they’ve learnt but alas, no such luck (rant over, for now…). In the spirit of my grinchness and following the new moon in Sagittarius bringing us new hope, direction and determination; this weeks recipe is a self-care brew for empowerment. It is designed to relax, strengthen and support, give you that little extra bit to keep you motivated or battle the Karen’s in argos. whatever you need. I got you.

ho fucking ho

I use tea so much in my practice! It’s probably the easiest way to access the medicinal and magical properties of herbs. The making of it is a ritual all in itself. You can read more about that here.

*please always do your own research on ingredients, although I am careful not to include herbs that could have adverse affects combined with other medications and conditions, without warning. I am not a doctor*

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Peace out witches!

Love Kate xxx


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