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Tea Time Tuesday! A Quickening Brew

Its the 2nd of February, Imbolc was yesterday, the earth begins to waken and the stirrings of spring have begun. Now is a great time to make plans for the coming year, planting the seeds of what we want for ourselves. Clear out the old to make space for the new. I don’t know about you darlings, but I am keen to get going. Frustrating as it is to still be in lockdown (I just want to go the bloody tip!) there is still as lot that can be done, particularly in areas of spiritual growth (don’t need the tip to open for that). There is energy stirring within me and I have ideas and mind-maps drawn everywhere.

In the spirit of the season I’m putting up the recipe I use often at this time, It contains plants you can go out and forage for now if you know where to look. It is designed to wake up the system and bring energy and motivation. If you can’t get outside for whatever reason you can buy dried herbs ( I recommend Starchild if you’re in the UK) to use however, the benefit of using something you’ve just picked for yourself adds extra power to this brew as it is full of the life energy of spring. Do remember to leave offerings to give thanks for what you take and don’t take too much from one place. I like to take bird food out with me too. Our wild friends will be feeling pinch in the last of winter.

I use tea so much in my practice! It’s probably the easiest way to access the medicinal and magical properties of herbs. The making of it is a ritual all in itself. You can read more about that here.

*please always do your own research on ingredients, although I am careful not to include herbs that could have adverse affects combined with other medications and conditions, without warning. I am not a doctor*

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Have a powerful day and blessed be.

Peace out witches!

Love Kate xxx


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