Primrose *primula vulgaris*

Another important plant ally to me. Primrose means ‘first rose’ and is one of the first signs that spring is here.

Primroses were once considered rare but where I live they are abundant. That being said, don’t be greedy spread out among them and leave much more than you take. The flowers are delicately flavoured, the leaves are sweet and fiberus. To me, they are joy and calm.

They are easily identify able due to their flowers. However do be careful as the leaves look a smaller version of the highly toxic foxglove. If there are no flowers or you’re not sure then I recommend you don’t bother.

One of the first plants I taught my witchling (like a goddaughter but you know, less of that god). We we’re in a really stressful, unavoidable, toxic situation just at the time they were springing up and though we still had to deal with so much shit that week; We picked as many as we could for their calming properties, brewed them up, ate them and smelled them as much as possible. When we were safe and home again she used them in her first potion; aptly named ‘Little power’ (I’m not crying, you’re crying) now every year when they come we remind ourselves that we, along with her mother and little sister, survived that time and came out smelling of (prim)roses.

They are a symbol of hope and love, of better things to come, of the gifts of the Maiden and spring, of female love and support, sisterhood and witches.

Medicinal uses

They also have mild pain relieving properties due to salycilites, are an expectorant (removes phlegm), are known to ease rheumatism. They are a supportive spring tonic and blood cleanser, mildly sedative and aide sleep through their tension easing properties.

I mainly use primroses for their anti-anxiety properties. The leaves are comforting in tea and syrups and the flowers are so delicately flavoured they are delicous just eaten raw.

Magical Uses

They are safe for children in small, mild doses but not for pregnant woman as they are a blood thinner. Also, a small number of people are allergic so be aware of that if new to you.

How To Use

All parts of Primrose are usable, however I don’t dig up the roots. The leaves and flowers can be dried for use in tea, added fresh to water and left to steep as a tonic, eaten raw in salads, the leaves added to green goddess soup and are used in tinctures and vinegars to preserve and harness them.

Primroses are sacred to many Maiden deities and the festival of Ostara. I delight in the delicate little flowers when I’m out walking. A sign that spring has come, life has returned, the Maiden reborn.

Unlike the other Rose which represents passion and romantic love, Primroses represent friendship and maidenhood. They are associated with the planet venus so could be used in love magic but they represent the gentler kind. The soft nurturing kind.

They make beautiful additions to spring altars and Ostara offerings often used to decorate biscuits and cakes and even made into wine, which we will be making this year to enjoy at our Litha wedding. In sympathetic magic you could add them to sleep and anti anxiety spells, to increase calm communication and add to witch jars intended to promote harmony.

Have you worked with primrose much? I’d love to hear any recipes people have. Hit me up in the comments below.

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Peace out witches!

Love Kate xxx


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