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Witches Tea Depression and Anxiety Blend- A Review

As you may have noticed, I LOVE TEA! It’s an easy way to access plant medicine; supporting and nourishing the body with a hot steamy brew. Tea is sacred in the UK but I don’t just mean the standard ‘breakfast’ tea. Whatever the issue is we put the kettle. House has blown up? Put the kettle on. Heartbroken? Put the kettle on. Head has fallen off? Put the kettle on. I make a lot of my own blends using what grows around me but I’m also keen to try new and interesting blends from others. Recently, I jumped at the chance to try a blend from the sisters at and share my review with you darlings. They’ve even given me a coupon code to share with you, which you can find at the bottom.

Willow and Emerald have been blending their own tea’s for years using knowledge of herbalism and folk magic passed down from their grandparents. The love, power and intention added to each blend is felt just from opening it. I chose the depression and anxiety blend as it something I knew would benefit me. They say:

Witches Tea has worked with Moonstone to perfect this life-changing blend. We have included parts of some of the most wonderful plants from around the world for your benefit. Through their magical and medicinal properties, we bind the powers of mother nature to treat and relieve the feelings which can make life unbearable for us who suffer from these conditions. This tea should be taken once per day in the mornings and again after lunch to keep your feelings positive and balanced.

As a person with PTSD, depression and anxiety can be an overwhelming addition to the most basic of days. so I’m always looking for easy ways to ease my suffering. The blend consist of:

  • Gotu Kola- an Asian member of the pennywort family. It increases brain function and has been used to reduce anxiety and ease depression for centuries in alternative medicine. Also known as ‘the herb of enlightenment’ it is said to aid spiritual practices such as mediation.
  • Spearmint- smells and tastes amazing. known to soothe the digestive tract and relieve stress. Seeing as our emotions live in the gut; it makes sense to offer it some additional support, especially in times of stress.
  • Tulsi- Another Asian plant ally and member of the mint family. Tulsi is a nervine meaning it supports the nervous system reducing stress and anxiety. People have been using it for over 5000 years.
  • Stinging Nettle– A long time friend, high in nutrients it promotes a range of bodily functions and over all health as well as giving you a little lift.

As I mentioned, I tend to make tea blends out of what grows around me so; though I was aware of them, until now I hadn’t worked with Gotu Kola or Tulsi. They certainly did not disappoint.

witches tea, cup, spoon and blend
so pretty.

The Review

First of all the customer service was amazing. Willow and Emerald are clearly willing to go above and beyond to answer any questions you may have. The website is not only striking but very easy to navigate. The packaging is ethical and gorgeous, you will also receive little reusable cotton tea bags. This was a really nice touch, as I’m aware not everyone is set up for loose leaf teas and they are so cute! Each blend comes with instructions for brewing and ritual plus tips on other ways you can use them. I especially liked how faff free it was, someone else having lovingly done the hard work of blending and adding intentions. this was extra helpful when I was in a panicked state and if someone else is making it for you.

Upon opening, the delicate mint fragrance greets you and awakens the senses. Our dog was really interested having a sniff, not surprising as she can be a bundle of nerves too. I decided to drink it as recommended; once in the morning and again after lunch. I’ve done this every day for a week and I definitely feel more balanced and supported. I do like to make a ritual of tea, choosing a special cup, taking time to focus on what I am asking it to do, making space to enjoy it in peace and quiet (unlike the 4 cups of ‘builders’ I can consume in a day, usually tepid, while running around like a mad thing). This blend really enabled me to do that. As soon as it begins to steep the aroma welcomes you to take a moment and savour it. It tastes pleasantly of mint and slightly earthy. I found the after lunch cup to be particularly calming. The act of giving myself that extra self care moment in the day has had massive beneficial impact in itself.

My condition can be pretty extreme and I didn’t expect to be cured by any means. That being said, I did have an overwhelming moment last week and this brew felt like a loving embrace from a friend. It helped me to calm down and breathe; loosening the knot in my gut and allowing me come back to myself. Along with the shadow work I have been doing, I have found this blend to incredibly supportive. It offers an uplift and helped to work through those emotional blockages without so much panic and noise, leaving me feeling stronger and a bit warm and fuzzy. I’ve started using it in my grounding meditations in the garden and I don’t think I would be without it now it has an opening and aligning affect enabling me to feel the emotions beneath the triggers. There’s something really comforting about it, just holding the warm cup in my hands and breathing in the steam relaxes me. It tastes lovely and gets to work fast. ‘Lovely’ is probably the best word I would use to describe it actually.

even the colour is cheering

If you suffer from depression and anxiety whether it be mild or spicy; I highly recommend this blend. An uplifting, lovely ritual offering real respite from the background noise. Enjoy it daily to ease symptoms, as part of mediation and in those moments where you feel overwhelmed or panicked. You can order some for yourself at here and get 15% off using the coupon code WITCHWENCH15 I will obviously be ordering more and I’m keen to try their ‘third eye opening tincture’.next

Please do go check them out for yourself, use the code and let me know which one is your favourite. You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy brewing and peace out witches ✌

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Love Kate xxx

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