Grounding. What is it? How do you do it? Does it help?

My weird feet in the grass.

Grounding or Earthing, is a form of meditation used by many people not just witches. I however, learnt it my technique from a book on spellcraft when I was about 12 (Around the same time my depression and anxiety kicked in). I have found it to be a valuable tool when I need to recharge.

We live in a world so separate from the earth; always wearing shoes or sitting in our homes, we rarely connect in the way we used to. By actively grounding yourself you can connect and exchange with the energy of our planet/Gaia/The Goddess/universe. Allow it to drain away the stress and negativities from yourself and fill you up with positivity. There has been some research into the science of grounding. I don’t feel it necessary to explain that here as I know it works. However, if you want to look into it there are some great resources online.

I went a long time rarely hearing any one use the word ‘grounding’ and then mindfulness really took off. I remember a specific conversation with my mother (sorry Mum) when she was first exploring mindfulness (or ‘Buddhism light’ as I call it when I’m teasing her). She was encouraging me to look into mindfulness meditation as she thought it would benefit me. I bluntly (and swearily) explained I didn’t need to read her books as I’ve been doing it since I was a teenager I just have a different word for it. Something along the lines of “I know it fucking works mother, I’ve been doing it my whole life!”, ( again, sorry Mum) I think it’s great that more people are taking an active role in how they take care of themselves, their mental health and healthy habits. My point is that it’s not a new trend.

So, how do you ground yourself?

Not a bad view

I will explain to you the process I use. Of course there are many ways, I know a lady who just walks in the woods bare foot. We cross paths often. (At some point I will dig out the book I mentioned and see how my current practice has evolved)

In order to ground yourself you need to be making a connection with the earth. It doesn’t have to be your whole body but if you’ve ever tried hugging the earth, you’ll know its very therapeutic.

  • Find a place where you feel peaceful and won’t be interrupted (turn your bloody phone off!)
  • Take your shoes and socks off and place them flat on the ground, sand or in running water. Really feel the connection.
  • Close your eyes and feel the earth connecting with you, like you are putting out roots. Focus first on your feet, then wherever else you are connecting, hands? Bum (obviously)? Picture your roots reaching down into the ground/water.
  • Regulate your breathing, Take three big, deep breaths.
  • Focus on your senses. What can you hear, smell, feel, (give your toes a little wiggle)? Focus on each as you do. Is there a breeze? Can you hear birds or the leaves in the trees rustling? Can you taste briney air from the sea?
  • Picture the energy exchange with the earth. I like to lay down here and really focus. I picture negativity draining out through my feet, and positive energy drawing up through my head. I use colours to represent this. It moves with my own breathing, drawing in light, silvery, positive energy from my ‘head roots’ pushing the grey negativity down and through my ‘feet roots’ until I am filled only with light. In water I like to imagine the negative energy floating out of my feet away down the river.
  • Set intention here if there are words that feel right to you, last time I went, I was feeling overwhelmed and worried so asked to have my worries drained away and to be filled up with love and strength.
  • Stay a while if you can, take the time to reflect on how you feel afterwards. Go back slowly and with an open heart.
  • Make an offering to give thanks, whatever and wherever you feel is right.

This whole process takes me at least an hour. I come back feeling renewed and relaxed with a fresh view on troubling situations. I talk to my tree like an old friend and come away feeling like I’ve had a really good chat with a very wise person.

I’d love to hear how you ground yourself, where do you go? If it’s new to you, how did it feel? Leave a comment below if that’s your thing.

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Peace out witches!

love Kate xxx


18 thoughts on “Grounding. What is it? How do you do it? Does it help?”

  1. I just want to say thank you for your posts, I really enjoy reading them. I’ve had 2 children in 2 years and my mind, body and soul have been poured into them. Your posts have been a lovely reminder of who I am, what I believe and what makes my spirit and energies happy. I used to do many things to help me understand my path, meditating, chakra cleansing or a simple but wholesome walk in the woods. We’re at the start of a new path right now, so this gentle reminder has come at the right time 💜 On a slightly different note, my 6 month boy has been real unsettled at night for a while now, the other night after reading your post on offerings, I dreamt I had to make an offering to the moon to help him but I got woken up by him before I found out what to offer! My energies are pretty tangled at the minute, so I think I need to work on myself before I try and help him maybe….Anyway, loving the learning and awakening of old 😘 Thank you, Alice x


    1. Hi Alice, thank you so much for your support. Wow 2 little ones in 2 years! What a journey, I work with under 3’s so I know how exhausting they can be. I’d love to chat to you more feel free to e-mail me if you like. Xx


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