An Introduction To Spellcraft.

A spell or ritual is a series of actions carried out to manifest an intention. It’s purpose is to focus and harness your personal energy, match it with that of the universe in a physical way and send it out into the world.

We employ traditional methods such as colour, herbs, representational action (sympathetic magic) sound, written symbols, crystals etc to add more layers so that our intention is better understood.

There is a basic layout, the knowledge of which has been passed down through the years and is now available to anyone wishing to use it. Sort of like recipes in a cook book. There are different tools you may need.

It can be as elaborate or simple as you like. In my early days I felt everything had to be perfect ritual. As I have grown in knowledge and strength I am less of a perfectionist because I know that my power comes from myself and my connection with the earth and Goddess. However, to work a spell, having knowledge of different methods at your disposal is a gift I feel should be freely available.

I have written before about some of the basics in spellcraft such as the power of words. This website, for me, is a place to collate and share my knowledge with anyone who would want it. As I continue to expand on it, I have realised my posts get very lengthy when I add spells. So I’ve created a place for them to live on their own (or atleast make them easier to find).

The Basics

My working Altar

I believe that all one really needs to manifest change or intention in their lives is focus and clarity (you can read about that here). That being said there are times when you might want to add extra clarity and therefore strength. Like when we communicate with each other. We don’t simply speak words to get our point across; we use tone, pitch, body language, expression and gesture.

When creating a spell to meet a purpose there are a few things you may want to consider such as:

  • Casting a circle. The circle is actually a sphere with you (your solor plexus more specifically) at the centre. To cast a circle is to affirm the boundaries of it. Keeping your energy safe within it while you use it. You can invite other energies into yours should you wish. In spellcraft its primary purpose is to protect you from unwanted energy interfering. Practicing magic attracts other magic. Not all of which are positive or safe to dabble with.
  • Deities (gods and goddesses) you may want to invoke. A deity is an archetype of an energy or outcome. Throughout religions a cross the world there are many names and stories about the gods often they cross over. They allow us to name an energy and feeling to work with. The worship of them brings their traits and energies into our lives.
  • An altar and tools. The traditional tools you have on an altar each serve a purpose. They can be blessed and charged to increase their power and connection to you and better serve their purpose.
  • Elements. All things on the planet (including humans) are made up of the elements earth, air, fire, water and spirit. Each have their own properties which, not unlike deities can be used to represent or harness a particular trait or aspect. They are usually represented physically on an altar or at their corresponding cardinal points in a circle.
  • Additional factors. Like ingredients, you may choose to work with colour, herbs, runes, natural objects, crystals, bones. Everything has representational energy. Many of us feel drawn to particular objects or methods. Work with what feels right to you.

As I expand on this section I will be going into greater details and adding the basic tools and understandings you need to build your own spellcraft; as well as spells I have collected and created for myself. If there is anything more you’d like to know or read please do get in touch.

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Peace out witches.

Love Kate Xxx