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Basic Protection Spells

Protection magic is one of the oldest and most common uses of magic. There are some extreme ones for when you feel under attack and some more general ones for protecting yourself and your home. Charms for this are very common for example the ‘evil eye’ is one we see all over the world and is still used to this day. Witch jars are another common one but I feel that deserves its own post.


One of the most basic and traditional protection folk magics involves the use of salt. It is common knowledge that salt banishes evil and negative energies. You can increase its power by making your own black salt (adding incense ashes to it) or adding ground herbs, I like to add nettle powder, give a little sting to anything/anyone who tries to fuck with me.


After cleaning and smudging your home; Sprinkle a line of salt inside and outside every entrance to your home including doorways. Speak your intention as you do so. It can be as basic as “by this sacred salt, no harm may come to this home or its inhabitants” or something a bit older and more poetic:

Salt of earth, guard this home

While I’m here, or while I roam

Keep it safe and all within

For good of all this bond begins

As I will it, so mote it be.

Magical Markings

This piece is painted with sigils and hangs above my bedroom door. I’ve moved a lot so wanted something tangible to take with me.

There are many different types of magical Markings you can use. Some already exist such as runes and oghams and other ancient symbology (the pentagram itself is a symbol of protection). These can add to the power of any intention e.g. By carving into candles for candle magic, worn as charms or drawn on your body or house. Another type of magical marking is sigils: secret symbols, the meaning of which is known to its creator (more on this to come).

To implement these magic markings for the purposes of protection, draw them on your doorframes or walls. You can make them visible or invisible by using oil or moonwater to draw them. Once drawn focus your intention and energy and see them glowing or aflame. Speak allowed what their purpose is. This may differ depending on which marks you are using for example, a sigil will have a meaning already by nature of its design. A rune or deity specific mark may require you to name its purpose as it was chosen, a very inclusive intention could be: “by this mark, this house is protected. Only those who wish us/me well may enter. So mote it be.”

Top witch tip: our ancestors used blood to make these marks. Menstrual blood is particularly powerful. Just saying.

Another useful form of magic is charms. I will be doing charms and charming objects as a separate post so watch this space. Until then you could consider crystals, iron, totems and existing amulets.

Different cultures believe in different objects. Do you already have things in place? Any old traditions passed down in your family? Hit me up in the comments below.

Be safe. Peace out witches.

Love Kate xxx

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